Aug 06
School Supply List

General Supply List for All Shiloh Students (recommended minimum)

Black/Blue/Red Pens                           2 pks.-3” x 5” Index Cards                                1-Sharpie

1 pk.-#2 Pencils                                   1 pk.-Colored Pencils (at least 10 colors)

1 pk.-Highlighters (at least 2 colors)    1-Pencil Pouch

3 pks.-2 Glue Sticks (6 total)                 2 pks.-5-Tab Dividers

2 pk.-3 Ring Note Book Paper             1 pk.-Eraser Caps

1 pk.-Post-It Notes                                1-Flash Drive

Box of Tissues (donations appreciated)       1-Backpack – Must fit in locker*

                                                                                                                                    *Lockers are 11” deep & 9” wide

IN ADDITION to the above general supply list, the supplies listed below are STRONGLY recommended by Grade/Subject.

Sixth Grade                                                                          

4-1 ½” Binders (Red, Black, Blue & White)                  

4-Pocket Folders (w/holes, not fasteners)                 

2-1 Subject Spiral Notebooks                                    

5 pk of 5 Tab Dividers (in addition to those listed above)

1-3 Subject Spiral Notebook w/ Plastic Cover           

1 roll of Clear Tape                                                    

1-pair of ear buds                                                      

1-pocket folder w/fastener


Seventh Grade

4-1 ½” Binders in different colors

2-Folders w/fasteners (Science)

2-1 Subject Spiral Notebooks

3-Sets of 4 Dividers-(in addition to those listed above)   

2-Composition Books 

1 pair of scissors

1 pair of ear buds


Eighth Grade

2-1 Subject Spiral Notebooks

4-Pocket Folders (w/holes, not fasteners)

4-1” Binders in different colors or 2- 2 Subject Binders

1-Dry Erase marker

1 pk.-3 Ring Binder Notebook Paper


Related Arts/Physical Education

2-1” Binders (all students)

2 pks.-5 Tab Dividers (in addition to all of those listed above)

Students are required to wear a P.E. uniform for Physical Education class. Uniforms may be purchased the first week of school or parents can provide a royal blue shirt and black shorts. Items will also be available for purchase during the 6th grade Orientation and 7th/8th grade Back to School Night.

Shirts: $10.00                            Tennis Shoes

Shorts: $15.00                           PE bags are available for $10.00


Spanish I                                                                                Tech Ed         

1-1” Binder                                                                               1-Spiral/Composition Notebook

1 pk.-5 Tab Dividers                                                                 (NO open-toed shoes!!!)                                      

1 pk.-3 Ring Binder Notebook Paper


Reading Resource                                                                   Art

1-1 ½” 3 Ring Binder                                                                1-Pocket Folder

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