The Board of education has a strong commitment to the learning process. Therefore, the Board of Education has a legitimate interest in regulating student attire and appearance during the school day in an effort to avoid disruption, to promote self-discipline, to promote student health and safety, and to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning.

Students of Carroll County Public Schools are required to groom themselves in a manner that is modest, clean, appropriate, decent, and not disruptive to the educational process. Students are expected to abide by this dress code from the arrival to the school building to the defined ending of the school day. The requirements include, but are not limited to:


  • Cleavage Area: An area between the breasts exposed by a low-cut neckline
  • Skorts: Shorts with a skirt-like overlay
  • Midriff Area: An area between the chest and abdomen


Hats, sunglasses, or head coverings of any kind, including bandanas and visors, may not be worn in the school building unless approved for religious or medical reasons. Certain headbands, scrunchies, etc... which are used to hold hair in place and do not cover the entire head are permitted.


  • Cover the entire back (i.e. not cutout backs, no shirts that tie in the back).
  • Cover the midriff area (bottom of the shirt must meet the top of the lower attire at all times).
  • Cover undergarments (i.e. muscle shirts and under armor shirts are considered undergarments, and must have a shirt over them).
  • Not be see-through and fit modestly so that cleavage area is covered.
  • Have two straps, one on each shoulder (no tube tops or halter tops).
  • Not convey advertisements of condoms or other birth control devices, stated or implied.
  • Not convey messages that express hate, racial slurs, or sexual harassment.
  • Not convey establishments or products whose names can be directly interpreted or construed as carrying a "double meaning" involving sexual innuendo, alcohol or drug use.

Shorts, Skirts, Skorts, Pants

  • Skirts, skorts, and shorts should not be excessively short. It is expected that skirts/skorts/shorts will cover mid-thigh when sitting down.
  • Pants will cover undergarments at all times and not be excessively long as to drag on the floor.


  • No bedroom slippers may be worn
  • No spiked clothing or accessories
  • No mutilated, cutout or ragged clothing may be worn
  • Underwear should not be showing and should not be worn as outerwear


A student found wearing inappropriate clothing will be asked to change or remove the item, and will be given an opportunity to do so. Should the student not be able to change or remove the item, clothing may be provided by the individual school if necessary. Student failure to cooperate will be referred to an administrator. Any student not complying with the direction of the administrator may be considered insubordinate and subject to appropriate administrative action.