Austism and Special Education/Resource teams are listed below

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Ms. Cooney Instructional Assistant
Ms. Heaney Teacher
Ms. Keefer Instructional Assistant
Mrs, Kiggins Teacher - Team Leader
Mr. Mann Adaptive PE
Ms. Reaves Speech / Language
Ms. Thomas School Psychology
Ms.Thrasher Behavior Specialist
Ms. Boyer Instructional Assistant
Ms. DeBaugh 6th Grade Resource Teacher
Ms. Harmon Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Heinle Special Education Department Chair
Mrs. Istvanic 7th Grade Resource Teacher
Ms. Lavell Speech and Language Pathologist
Mrs. Schauf LFI Teacher
Mr. Scott 8th Grade Resource Teacher
Ms. Smith LFI Instructional Assistant
Ms. C Thompson Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Trethewey Math Resource
Ms. Unkle Instructional Assistant
Ms. Browning Reading Specialist
Mrs. Goffena Math Resource
Mrs. Gruber Gifted and Talented Teacher