Procedures for submitting service learning hours at Sykesville Middle School are as follows:

  • Service learning hours may begin to accumulate the first day of summer break prior to entering the 6th grade.
  • Click on this link and compete the online Service Learning Hour Form within one year from the time the service is complete .
  • If you choose to use a paper form, completed forms must be returned to the guidance office within one year from the time the service is complete.
  • Failure to thoroughly complete the form or follow the appropriate procedures may result in a student not receiving credit for hours worked or a delay in receiving those credits.
  • Outdoor school forms must be submitted by October 1st of the 7th grade school year.
  • Completed forms should be submitted as soon as possible following the completion of the activity in order for it to appear in the student record.
  • Parents/guardians are able to check their child’s Service Learning Hours via the Home Access Center.
  • Due to the volume of forms received it is always a good idea to make and keep a copy of each thoroughly completed form before it is submitted.

For clarification and complete program information please refer to the Carroll County Service Learning Guidelines that are located on the County website at  You can also download a paper form here.

**NEW** Visit the CCPS Service Learning Google Site at  for guidelines and project suggestions.

If you are unsure whether an activity will count towards the Service Learning requirement, please contact Amy Levine at Sykesville Middle (, or the County Coordinator at (410) 751-3096.