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Christopher Hynes, Assistant Principal 
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Message from the Mr.  Hynes

July 2021

Dear Sykesville Community:

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and creating wonderful memories with family and friends! There is still plenty of summer left to slow down, recuperate, and to take advantage of opportunities that allow you to spend time with the ones you cherish most.  With that being said, I wanted to briefly introduce myself and to show my gratitude for the opportunity to serve your child at Sykesville Middle as their Assistant Principal.  Already, I have felt so welcomed by Ms. Reppe, office staff, teachers, and parents who have reached out.  In speaking with Ms. Reppe, we are becoming more and more excited for the upcoming school year, especially since school will be conducted in a more traditional manner.

Working together, we want to make this upcoming school the best experience for your child possible. Being a father, an educator, an administrator, and a coach, I assure you I will analyze situations as the arise from many different lenses in order to make the best possible decision for your child that places them on a path to success.  There may be times that I reach out to share positive and awesome things I observed from your child.  There may be times that I contact you because your child made a poor decision, but we will work together to build your child’s capacity to minimize the chance of the same decision moving forward!  We all make mistakes, including myself, but it is how we approach them and learn from them that defines our character and strengthens our reputation!  

I assure you I will deploy the skills I have learned from being a special educator, health teacher, physical education teacher, boy’s basketball coach (Century) and an administrator to serve your child to my fullest capacity.  Just recently transferring from being Assistant Principal at Mt. Airy Middle School to Sykesville on July 1st, I am enthusiastically learning as much as I can about the school, teachers/students, and the wonderful community!  Feel free to reach out anytime to say hi or ask me questions.  Thank you for this opportunity and we are truly excited to kick off the 2021-2022 school year!

Mr. Chris Hynes
Assistant Principal