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Please review these procedures with students before lunch on the first day of school.  Refer to the master schedule for lunch times.


  1. Students may bring a lunch from home, or purchase lunch in the cafeteria.  Milk, juice, ice cream and other snacks are available for purchase.

    Students may sit wherever they choose in the cafeteria. The administration will determine if assigned seats are necessary.

  2. There are 2 lunch lines.


  3. Students must stay seated except to purchase lunch, throw away trash, or use the restroom.  An announcement will be made when it is time to go outside.


  4. All food and drinks must be consumed in the cafeteria.  No food may be taken outside the cafeteria unless requested by a teacher.


  5. Students must have a pass to leave the cafeteria. The administrator on duty will issue passes.  If a teacher needs to have a student report to them during lunch, the teacher should issue the pass. 


  6. Students are responsible for cleaning up the table and floor where they sit.


  7. Students, who forget their lunch, may borrow money to purchase a full lunch from cafeteria.  This charge must be re-paid the next school day.  Lunches or lunch money brought to school by a parent will be taken to the cafeteria to avoid disrupting classes.