Meals at the Outdoor School are served family style. Three meals and a snack are served daily. A sample of the weekly menu can be found on our website. While we understand that some children are picky eaters, a variety of foods are served and students have the opportunity to select what they want from the menu and are encouraged to try new foods.

We recognize that some students have food allergies or intolerances or need to avoid certain foods due to health or religious reasons. We suggest that you inform us of these issues so that we can accomodate your child's needs in these circumstances. The school nurses and kitchen personnel work closely with the parents to ensure that these needs are met.

Please do not send any snacks or other food or beverage items with your child to Outdoor School. No food is allowed in the cabins. Many students have food allergies, some that may be life threatening and we need to maintain an environment that is safe for all children.

Any student with severe food allergies requiring the use of an Epipen, are monitored closely. The Epipen is carried on all activities by the teacher responsible for the student. All Outdoor School staff are trained in the use of the Epipen.

Please contact the Outdoor School Nurse for any concerns regarding dietary issues or restrictions at 410-857-7932.