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The links below are to math games that can keep you busy for hours, while keeping those math facts sharp. To play a game, click the name of the site and you will be automatically taken there. Enjoy them and you'll certainly be top of your class in math!

  Brainpop - a site with movies...


Cool Math - a site with a bunch of cool games...


Classzone - a website containing games created by our textbook


Fun Brain - definitely a favorite of many students...lots of variety...


Math Playground -  a site with great games, including logic puzzles


Hour of Code - a site with activities and games to build coding skills


Math Goodies - a site filled with games, including integer football


 Hooda Math -  a site we are trying out with many types of puzzles.


Illuminations - a site with a wide range of activities created by NCTM


Cyberchase - Mr. Miller's favorite game site, great graphics and sound effects


Lure of the Labyrinth - a great game to develop your algebraic thinking and save pets


Learning Planet - the Math Mayhem game lets you challenge kids from all over the world in a RACE!


Arcademic Builders Games - a site that has a variety of games to help you sharpen essential Math and ELA skills  


Origami Site – a great site offering origami instruction