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The Carroll County Service-Learning Program has been designed to benefit the student, school, and the community through developmentally appropriate Service- Learning opportunities.


Service-Learning is a teaching method that combines service to the community with curriculum-based learning. Students learn to be active, engaged citizens. Service-Learning includes: Preparation, identifying projects and learning skills; Action, Direct Service such as tutoring or helping at a nursing home, Indirect Service such as organizing a food drive or cleaning up the Bay, and Advocacy projects such as Just Say No or DARE; and Reflection, evaluating projects through discussion or completion of the writing prompt on the Service- Learning Reflection Form.


1. Students, parents, and individuals/ organizations who accept student volunteers are hereby advised that the fact that Service-Learning is mandated is not a sufficient basis for attaching liability to the Carroll County Public Schools. The Board of Education of Carroll County does not provide general liability insurance for individuals or organizations for whom students may perform student service. Parents or guardians of student and individuals or organizations that accept student volunteers should verify the adequacy of their own insurance coverage.

2. The Carroll County Program will meet or exceed the minimum number of hours (75) of Service-Learning as required by the State of Maryland. Students may count a maximum of 20% of total service hours as preparation unless pre-approved by the school Service-Learning Coordinator.

3. Students may meet the Service-Learning Graduation Requirement by completing the Course-Related Option or by completing the Exemplary Service Award Option.

4. Students may accumulate service hours beginning the summer after the completion of fifth grade through grade 12; and, may complete the requirement any time during that period. Students must complete a minimum of 55 Service-Learning hours by the end of the eleventh grade in order to be promoted to Senior status.

5. Service-Learning hours will be pro-rated for students transferring into Carroll County Schools from private or out of state schools after the start of the sophomore year. Students transferring during the sophomore year will be required to complete 40 hours; junior year 30 hours; first semester of the senior year 10 hours; second semester of senior year 5 hours.

6. Service-Learning activities will be approved by the school Principal or Student Service Coordinator. Students shall: not be paid for their service; not earn hours for service to a for-profit business; not earn hours for service in preparation for or during religious services; not earn hours for assisting family members with tasks such as cutting the lawn or babysitting; not be excused from school to earn service-learning hours. Please check with the school Service-Learning Coordinator if you need clarification.

7. Students choosing the Exemplary Service Option must document hours on the Service- Learning Reflection Form.

(Form on front)


Students may fulfill the Service-Learning Graduation Requirement by successfully completing courses that contain a service-learning component. Students must earn the minimum of 75 service-learning hours to satisfy the Service-Learning Requirement. The number of hours each course* provides is listed below.

Middle School Courses Providing Hours:

6th grade Outdoor School (10)*

8th grade Family & Consumer Sciences (15)

Learning For Independence Job Readiness (15)

*Students may earn an additional 10 service-learning hours by completing an approved environmental project after the completion of Outdoor School. Students will learn about this opportunity while attending Outdoor School.

High School Courses Providing Hours:

Advanced Child Development (1 credit, 30 hours)

Intermediate Child Development (1 credit, 30 hours)

Ecology (30 hours)

Advanced Child Development (2 credit, 15 hours)

Government (5 hours)

Courses Providing 10 Hours:

Applied Art Science Research

Environmental Conservation Sign Language III

Horticulture Social Studies Aide

Issues In American Society Special Education Aide

Learning for Independence U.S. History

Math Aide Veterinary Science

Media Assistant Wildlife Management

Newspaper Production Writing Assistant

Peer Facilitating Writing Lab Aide

Science Lab Aide Yearbook Production

*Students may earn service-learning hours in additional courses with the prior consent of the instructor.

Career/Tech Courses providing Service-Learning hours: **

Allied Health Culinary Arts Machine Technology

Auto Service Diesel Technology Masonry

Building Maint. Drafting Print Production

Carpentry Elect. Construction Tech. Support

Early Childhood Ed. EST Textiles/Fashion

Collision Repair Floral Design Video Production

Computer Tech HVAC Welding Technology

Cosmetology Landscaping Design

**Hours earned are based on the level of the course


Students who earn a minimum of 300 service-learning hours by May 1st of their senior year will earn the Exemplary Service Award upon graduation. Hours may be earned independently in the community and through school courses and clubs.

(Rev July 2007)