Homework/Practice Assignments 

Good playing consists of AT LEAST 50% listening.

The students should listen to the reference recordings below MANY times, with and without their music in front of them

Scroll down to find your group and clink on the links to listen


6th grade Strings:

Be working on "Gaelic Castle," and "Sneaking Suspicion"

Focus on feeling the pulse, correct rhythms, and correct bowing / pizzaccato 

LISTEN (click on link)

Gaelic Castle

Sneaking Suspicion


7th & 8th Orchestra: All 7th and 8th grade string players

Be working on all of the above 6th grade pieces and "King William's March,"  "Spartacus"  and  "Shenandoah"

Focus on feeling the pulse, correct rhythms, and correct bowing  

LISTEN (click on link) 



King William's March


Jazz Band:  students from all three grades

Be working on: "Doxy,"    "What a Wonderful World,"      "School Bus Blues"

LISTEN (click on link) 


What a Wonderful World

No Clams, Just Oysters


Concert Band: All 6th grade woodwind, percussion and brass students; 
                         some 7th grade woodwind, percussion and brass students

Be working on: "The Gates of Orion,"    "In the Hall of the Mountain King,"      "School Bus Blues"

LISTEN (click on link) 

Gates of Orion

In the Hall of the Mountain King

School Bus Blues


Symphonic Band: All 8th grade woodwind, percussion and brass students;
                               some 7th grade woodwind, percussion and brass students

Be working on: "Moscow 1941,"     "As Twilight Falls,"     "His Honor"

LISTEN (click on link) 

Moscow, 1941

As Twilight Falls

His Honor


Support Documents:


2019 - 2020 contract

Solo & Ensemble

Supply List


TED Talks: Please take a few minutes to watch these important videos

How playing an instrument benefits your brain

How to practice effectively....for just about anything!


 Instrumental Music Activities Calendar 

 Date  Event  Time  Location
 Oct.. 11, 2019  All County applications due    to Mr. Hirsh
 Nov. 7th, 2019  All County Orchestra Auditions  T.B.A.  West Middle
 Nov.14th, 2019  All County Band Auditions  T.B.A.  West Middle
 Nov.16th, 2019     All State Auditions - band and string  T.B.A.  T.B.A
 Dec. 16th, 2019  Winter Instrumental Concert - Strings 7:00 p.m.  Manchester Valley H.S.
 Dec. 17th, 2019  Winter Instrumental Concert - Bands 7:00 p.m.  Manchester Valley H.S
 Jan. 25th, 2020  All County Orchestra Concert 11:00 a.m.  T.B.A.
 Feb. 8th, 2020  All County Band Concert 11:00 a.m.  Century High School
 Mar. 11th-12th, 2020  Band & Orchestra Performance 
 T.B.A.  South Carroll H.S
 Mar.28th, 2020  County Solo & Ensemble Festival  CANCELED   CANCELED 
 May 9th, 2020

 State Solo & Ensemble Festival - Strings

 May 16th, 2020  State Solo & Ensemble Festival - Band  CANCELED   CANCELED
  May 18th, 2020  Spring Instrumental Concert - Strings  7:00 p.m.  Manchester Valley H.S.
  May 19th, 2020  Spring Instrumental Concert - Bands  7:00 p.m.  Manchester Valley H.S.
  May 29th, 2020  Hershey Park Assessments  5:30 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.  Hershey, PA


All County Band and Orchestra

General Information

Click here for complete All-County Audition Requirements & Procedures 

All instruments are required to learn scales. 
These should be easy points to earn because you KNOW they're coming wink

You won't be asked to play all of them, but you won't know which they will want to hear
until the night of the audition, so you should learn all that are listed.


All County Scale Sheets
(click and print...scales must be memorized)
Flute Tenor Saxophone Violin
Oboe French Horn Viola
Clarinet Trumpet / Baritone 
Treble Clef 
Bass Clarinet Bassoon / Trombone / Baritone
Bass Clef 
String Bass
Alto / Baritone Saxophone Tuba Percussion  Scales  Rudiments


2019 - 20 All County BAND & ORCHESTRA Audition Music 


click and print  
Flute All Saxophones Violin*
Oboe French Horn Viola*
Clarinet Trumpet Cello*
Bass Clarinet Trombone 
Euphonium (Baritone) 
String Bass*
Bassoon Tuba


All County Orchestra rehearsal dates:

Rehearsals: Time:  Location:
 January 14, 2020  7 – 8:30 PM   T.B.A.
 January 21, 2020  7 – 8:30 PM   T.B.A.
 January 23, 2020  7 – 9 PM   T.B.A.
 January 24, 2020  9 AM – 3 PM (Field Trip info will follow)   T.B.A.
 January 25, 2020  9 – 10:30 AM   T.B.A.
 January 25, 2020  11 AM (Concert)   T.B.A.


All County Band rehearsal dates:

Rehearsals: Time:  Location:
 January 29, 2020  7 – 8:30 PM  Century High School
 February 4, 2020  7 – 8:30 PM  Century High School
 February 6, 2020  7 – 9 PM  Century High School
 February 7, 2020  9 AM – 3 PM (Field Trip info will follow)  Century High School
 February 8, 2020  9 – 10:30 AM  Century High School
 February 8, 2020  11 AM (Concert)  Century High School