Laurie Owings, School Library Teacher  

Beth Drager, Library Clerk

Locked into Reading

The 3rd Annual Locked into Reading program has commenced.  Locked into Reading was created by two middle school librarians from Carroll County Public Schools; Laurie Owings from North Carroll Middle and Michael Stencil from East Middle.  

What is Locked into Reading?

  • This event is similar to Escape Rooms that have become quite popular across the country. 
  • Students, in teams of 4-6, will be “locked” into a room, by the Evil Librarians, in which they will have to solve puzzles to escape. 
  • The knowledge needed to solve the puzzles will come from eleven of the nominated 2018-2019 Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Books.  (The eleven books are listed below.)  
  • Each team will need to have read all eleven books.  They can decide how to go about this.  (For example:  Each student could select two different books to read or they could read all eleven.)    

When is this year's Locked into Reading event? - The Locked into Reading event will be held right after school from 3:05-5:00 on Thursday, June 6th. 


The eleven books for the 2019 Locked into Reading event are:

Novels                                                                                                        Grapic Novels                                                          

1.      The Evil Wizard Smallbone by Delia Sherman                                   7.     The Big Bad Fox by Benjamin Renner

2.      Greetings from the Witness Protection! by Jake Burt                         8.     Newsprints by Ru Xu

3.      Projekt 1065 by Alan Gratz                                                                 9.     Pashmina by Nidhi Chanani

4.      Refugee by Alan Gratz                                                                       10.    The Time Museum by Matthew Loux

5.      Restart by Gordon Korman                                                                11.    The Witch Boy by Molly Knox Ostertag

6.      Posted by John David Anderson

Watch the Evil Librarians introductory videos from previous years below:



A view of the presentation side of the school library

A view of the work space and the circulation desk in the school library