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Please send an absence note in with your student upon his/her return to school.  You may also fax us a note, call the school or send an e-mail to report the absence.  After a student is absent for three (3) days, a request for missed work can be made by 8:15 a.m.   This gives teachers time to get work together during their planning time. 

Excused absences include illness of the student, death in the immediately family, observance of a religious holiday, a court summons, suspension/exclusion for health reasons, and family vacation (when approved in advance.) Absences will be considered unlawful if a written lawful excuse is not provided.

A student is counted present for a full day if the student is in attendance four hours or more of the school day.  A student is counted present for 1/2 day if in attendance for at least two hours of the school day, but less than four hours.  When students are absent, arrive late, or leave school early, their parents are requested to inform the school the morning of the absence and provide a written explanation of the absence on or before the student's return to school.