Oct 03

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Sep 12
2019 Student Investment Drive

Please click here for the 2019 Student Investment Drive form.

Aug 05
Refrigerator Page 2019-2020
Jul 22
MAMS School Supply List 2019-20

Click here for a copy of the School Supply List for the 2019-20 school year.





Mar 04
MAMS Outstanding Teacher Awards
Congratulations to the following teachers on their nominations for Outstanding Teacher!  The awards program will be held on Wednesday, March 27.
Ms. Andersen-Proetorius, 6th Gr Social Studies
Mr. Anderson, 6th Gr Math
Mrs. Apellaniz, 8th Gr Special Educator
Mrs. Baker, 8th Gr ELA
Mrs. Barnes, ELA Specialist
Mrs. Bevans, LFI Teacher
Mrs. Bowser, GT Teacher
Mrs. Bruce-Maskeroni, ESOL Teacher
Mrs. Centi, 7th Gr ELA
Ms. Chenoweth, 8th Gr Math
Mrs. Crum-Derr, Art Teacher
Mrs. Ferguson, 8th Gr Math
Ms. Fleming, PE Teacher
Ms. Fuhrmann, 8th Gr Social Studies
Mrs. Haddad, 7th Gr Social Studies
Mrs. Hastings, 7th Gr Math
Mr. Henning, 7th Gr Math
Ms. Jones, 7th Gr Social Studies
Mrs. Langrall, PE Teacher
Mrs. Lichty, Media Specialist
Ms. Luipersbeck, 7th Gr Science
Ms. McDonough, 8th Gr Social Studies
Mrs. McGurk, 6th Gr Social Studies
Mrs. Merwitz, 8th Gr Science
Mr. Payne, 8th Gr Science
Mrs. Poole, 6th Gr ELA
Mr. Scholl, 6th Gr Science
Mrs. Snader, 7th Gr Humanities
Mrs. True, 8th Gr Humanities
Ms. Walls, 7th Gr Science
Mr. Weaver, Tech Ed Teacher
Mrs. Weisman, 6th Gr Science
Mrs. Whitten, 6th Gr ELA
Ms. Whitworth, 7th Gr STEM



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