Career Exploration
US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Great site to research the future trends and requirements of specific careers.
Good site for searching for summer jobs or post high school jobs and it's local!
There is a lot to explore on this site! It provides students with job hunting tools and career tools. Also provides information on job preparedness: i.e. resumes, portfolios, dress.
This website is for job seekers and employers.
If you are in the STEM academy and want to become an engineer, check out this site and look at what the industry is requiring.

 Career Education Resources/Assessment Tools
Online self-assessment of interests, abilities and values. 

Mapping Your Future
You can click on “match my career interests” and the Hollands types will come up.  Click on the type that you received on the inventory and a list of careers matching your interests comes up.  Click on one of the careers and the details of that career come up.

My Next Move
This site provides an interest inventory to connect students' interests, aptitude, and personality to possible careers. It provides information on education, training, and job outlook.   

College Search