(Passwords for databases are available in the media center)




Office 365 - https://login.microsoftonline.com/ - The username is their CCPS email. The password is their school computer password. For students, the school email is student_login@star.carrollk12.org, e.g. ABC9876@star.carrollk12.org/. 




          Link to Destiny Home Access        

Destiny - https://destiny.carrollk12.org - This link allows home access to CCPS online electronic catalog of materials. Users will be able to look for media center materials from home just like to do in school. Additionally, they will be able to log into their Destiny account, using their school username and password, and view what materials they have checked out, due dates, or fines.




Britannica Image Quest:
an image database containing millions of searchable, high quality, rights-cleared images -Each image provides a MLA citation. Additionally, images may be used for non-profit educational purposes   




Britannica School Online logo

Britannica School Online:                                         
a general reference source





ABC-Clio Social Studies database icon

ABC-Clio American and Modern World History:
https://americanhistory.abc-clio.com/ - a specialized Social Studies databases - covers American History topics, from American Exploration and Colonization to the Age of Globalization, and World History from 1500 to present 
 CultureGrams Icon

http://online.culturegrams.com - a specialized reference focusing on world culture - includes information about countries, cultures, maps, statistics, famous people, photographs, recipes, and flags


 EBSCO Database Icon

EBSCO Databases:
http://search.epnet.com - a multidisciplinary reference source - includes Auto Repair Reference Center, Student Research Center, History Reference Center, and Science Reference Center


Bloom's Literary Reference Icon

Facts on File Databases:
http://online.infobaselearning.com /Direct.aspx?aid=104492&pid=WE00 - a multidisciplinary reference source - includes Bloom's Literary Reference Online, Health Reference Center, Issues and Controversies, Science Online, World Geography and Culture Online, American History Online, Ancient and Medieval History Online, Modern World History Online, U.S. Government Online, and Classroom Video On Demand.   


 SIRS Icon


http://sks.sirs.com - a multidisciplinary reference source - includes Issues Researcher Pro vs. Con,  Government Reporter, Renaissance, Web Select, and Decades  


 Gale Online Resources Icon


Student Resource Center:
http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/west81979/rpa - a multidisciplinary reference source - includes Student Resource Center Gold, and Gale Virtual Reference Library (e-books).




EBSCO ebooks icon
EBSCO E-books:

Gale virtual reference library logo linked to website

Gale Virtual Reference Library:                 
http://go.galegroup.com/ -



Facts on File Streaming Video link


Mackin Via:
http://www.mackinvia.com/ -

Salem Press logo

Salem E-book:




Discovery education logo

Discovery Streaming Plus: 
https://carrollk12.discoveryeducation.com/ - a collection of video tools and utilities available to teachers and students - when off campus, regular CCPS usernames and passwords are used to login - Materials are provided by Discovery Education Channel



Facts on File Streaming Video link


Facts on File Video on Demand:
http://streaming.factsonfile.com/ - a collection of educational videos available to teachers and students - this resource may be accessed from school and home -students may get the required username and password from their teachers or in the media center



Carroll county times electronic newspaper logo 

 Carroll County Times:
 provides access to the full electronic version
 of the Carroll County Times while on the
 CCPS network


 USA Today:
 http://usatoday.va.newsmemory.com/ -
 provides access to the full electronic version
 of USA Today - features include enlarging
 text and graphics on screen, printing and
 sharing articles, access article archives by
 subject area, view video, listen to the audio
 of the articles, translate articles from English
 to Spanish - access available in school and
 from home - the username and password
 are available in the media center 





The databases available through the Carroll County Public Library are accessed using the barcode  number on the student's Carroll County Public Library card. Library card applications are available at the public library branches and on their website.  

Carroll County Public Library logo


Carroll County Public Library Databases: http://library.carr.org/collections/research.asp - a variety of electronic resources  for academic and personal pursuits - including Magazine Index, Ancestry Library, Auto Repair Reference Center, Biography Resource Center, Columbia Granger's World of Poetry, Novelist, ProQuest newspaper archive and many more.