AP Testing 2018

Attention Parents of Advanced Placement Students.

Westminster High School has been selected to be one of 800 schools that will adopt the new Advanced Placement (AP) annual process, one year before all other schools. Please be sure to read each document attached to this email. The following changes will occur this year:

New Classroom Resources

This fall, students and teachers have access to a set of new resources designed to provide students with practice opportunities and feedback throughout the year:

  • AP question bank: Your teacher can use this library of real AP Exam questions to create in-class or homework practice assignments.
  • Performance results: Get feedback on the questions you were assigned. See areas where you need to focus your practice.

Process Changes

  • Digital activation: At the beginning of each AP course, students will work with their AP teacher to complete a simple online enrollment process that will give students access to the new classroom resources and provide information needed to register for the exams.
    • Students will visit myap.collegeboard.org, and sign in using his/her College Board student account login.
    • If  a student does not have a College Board student account, they will need to create one using the “Sign up” link on the page
    • The digital activation will allow the school to get customized student labels to use on exam day (instead of having to complete their identifying information on their AP answer sheet)
  • Fall exam ordering: AP Exams for first semester courses and A/B day (all year) courses must be ordered no later than November 15 this year, so please read and complete the AP Registration form that is attached to this email. Students will also be given paper copies of the registration form from teachers once the digital activation is completed.. AP courses that begin second semester will register by March 1st.
  • Fees for late orders or canceled exams: The base AP Exam fee stays the same as last year, but additional fees will apply for exams ordered after November 15 (for semester 1 and A/B day courses) or canceled by March 1. More detailed information is listed on the WHS AP Registration form and the student-parent guide that is attached.

Payment Information

  • Students will still complete the paper WHS AP Registration form and will pay for exam in the school counseling office.
  • The registration forms and AP exam schedule are attached to this email and will also be distributed by AP teachers once students complete the digital activation process in class.


Please view the attached documents regarding the WHS AP Registration Form and Exam Schedule, Advantages to testing, and the AP Implementation Guide for Students and Parents for more detailed information on all of the changes that will be taking place this year.


AP Registration Form 2019.pdf Advantages to testing.pdf 

Advantages to testing.pdf