Support Programs for Students 2018-19

1. FLEX (Flexible Learning and Enrichment eXperiences) occurs Tuesday through Friday between Mods 1 and 2. Students may receive remediation or tutoring*; participate in enrichment activities, complete make-up work and participate in school activities, conference with counselors and/or case managers and use the school media center.

*Peer Tutoring – is held each FLEX day. Students who need tutoring in any subject may ask their advisor, teacher or counselor to refer them to Ms. Berkowitz. Ms. Berkowitz will request students through the FLEX tracker system to report to the 3rd floor cafeteria where they will be tutored 1-1 or in small groups by National Honor Society tutors or highly skilled peers.

2. Afterschool Drop-In Tutoring/Study Hall

Students who need a quiet place to do homework; access to computers and printers; or who need academic help may drop in to the Media Center between 2:20 and 3:30 Monday - Thursday after school.

3. Testing and Accommodations Center

IEP and 504 students who have accommodations and/or modifications for classroom tests may be referred to Ms. Llewellyn in the Media Center for services each MOD. Teachers are asked to provide 24 hour notice if a student is being referred for testing accommodations. Students should be sent with a pass.

4. Study/Organization Skills Group

Ms. Llewellyn will be available in the 3rd floor cafeteria during FLEX to work with IEP and 504 students who need help with organization and study skills. Students will be referred through the GAPS team.

5. Teachers

Upon request, teachers are willing to work with students at the end of the school day. Please talk to your teacher if you need help in his or her class.

6. Counselors

Counselors are available to students every day and throughout the summer to assist with college and career planning, personal counseling, issues that may arise in the community, problem solving and academic supports, and scheduling.

7. Peer Facilitators

Peer Facilitators are available through the School Counseling Office. Students may request to meet with a peer for everyday personal problems or for mediations between students when conflicts arise. Peer facilitators have been trained to help other students identify their problems as well as discover strategies to solve them. Peer facilitators can assist in career exploration as well.

8. Owl Support

Owl Support provides flexible options for students who may be struggling academically. In special circumstances, eligible students will be referred through the GAPS team. Online courses and tutoring support are some of the services offered. Owl Support is available all four MODS. Ms. Berkowitz is located in the front portable at extension 2246.

9. Help from Carroll County Public Library (AskUSNow)

Get answers from a person, not a machine; info experts 24/7.