See Mr. Byrnes in the Counseling Office for more information

What is a Peer Facilitator?


A peer facilitator is an emotionally mature student leader who recognizes and intervenes in problems identified at school. Peer facilitators have been trained in conflict resolution and confidentiality and can help students with a variety of issues including:
-adjusting to high school
-coping with family issues
-dealing with peer conflicts
-sorting out boyfriend/girlfriend issues
-handling stress and anger
-figuring out how to talk with teachers, parents, and other adults
-planning for future college and career goals
-making good choices
-feeling comfortable with themselves
-having a positive and successful experience at WHS
Peer facilitators also know when a student needs to be referred to an adult for further assistance and intervention.
Who are the Peer Facilitators?

Peer Facilitators are juniors and seniors who have gone through a rigorous application, interview, and training process.  

 How do I sign up to meet with a Peer Facilitator?
Peer Facilitators are available during every mod of every school day. You can come into the School Counseling Office and request to meet with a peer facilitator at any time.
How do I become a Peer Facilitator?
Interested students may apply to be a peer facilitator late in their sophomore or junior year. Announcements will be made when applications become available. Students must complete an application and interview. All applicants will be screened with regard to grades, attendance, and discipline records. Students must have a 3.0 GRADE AVERAGE or better. Students who have been repeatedly sent to administrators for discipline referrals or have less than 94% attendance may be disqualified. Because CCPS Peer Facilitators are representatives of their student body, they are expected to exhibit certain general characteristics including maturity, dependability, sensitivity, initiative, approachability, integrity, trustworthiness, among others. See Mr. Byrnes in the School Counseling Office if you have any questions about becoming a peer facilitator.