Apr 01
Google Guide Translation in Spanish

Click HERE to access the Google Guide for parents

Mar 28
School Closure Information for Families

Click HERE to see the most recent information regarding the school closures. The document includes: 

- Assignments and Coursework

- AP Information 

- Board Meetings 

- CCPS Distance Learning Plan 

- Emails

- Emergency Meals

- Google Classroom 

- Office Hours

- Service Learning 

WiFi and Hotspots 

Mar 27
Accessing Student Email Addresses

The student’s CCPS email address is their school active directory username followed by @star.carrollk12.org.  For example, if John E. Smith’s AD username is his 3 initials + 4 random numbers then his email would be JES1234@star.carrollk12.org. Student email passwords are their school active directory passwords.

If you are unsure of your school username and password, this information can be found in Home Access Center under the Registration tab. 

Student emails are part of the Microsoft Office Suite, which can be found at http://www.office.com/