Whenever a student is absent, verification must be made by the parent/guardian via a written note, fax, email, or phone call.  Regardless of the form of the notification, it must include the following:(1) Student's name, (2) Student's grade, (3) Date and Reason for absence, and (4) Phone number where parent/guardian can be reached for verification, if needed.

a. Written Note:  If you send in a written note, please have our student present it to the attendance office/morning check-in upon their return to school prior to Mod 1.

b.  Fax:  Please fax notes to 410-751-3587 on the day of the absence.

c.   E-mail:  Please e-mail notes to the following address:  SCHAttendance@carrollk12.org on the day of the absence.

d.  Phone Call:  Please phone in your student's absence to 410-751-3575 or 410-795-8516 on the day of the absence.


Student Sign In

- Between 7:30 am - 10:20 am: Tardy, Late Arrival

- 10:21 am - 12:19 pm: 1/2 Day Absent

- 12:20 pm and after: Full Day Absent  

Sign Out

- Before 9:30 am: Full Day Absent

- Between 9:31 am - 11:30 am: 1/2 Day Absent

- 11:31 am and after: Tardy, Early Dismissal

Absent for 4 hours or more in one day: Full Day Absent

Absent for 2 - 4 hours in one day: 1/2 Day Absent