Jan 19
Semester 2 Book Pick-Up


Students that are choosing to remain virtual at the beginning of the second semester will need to exchange their textbooks.  Please read carefully:


1/20/21 during school hours

1/27/21 during school hours

We will also have after hours bins placed outside the main lobby.



Please sign up for a time to pick up your second semester books below.  You will need to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth.  You should bring a copy of your schedule and your book bag.  Book distribution will take place in the Auditorium lobby.  You will enter near the Art classrooms and exit closest to the main lobby.  Inside, you will shop for your books using your schedule.  Staff will be available to assist. 

Sign up for your time frame here:


If your student participates in Hybrid in-person learning, you will return textbooks to teachers and receive 2nd semester books in class. 

Jan 04
Weekly Announcements
Jan 04
January State Testing Information

To parents/guardians of students who are enrolled in Biology I or US Government this semester:

It is a Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) graduation requirement that any student in a Biology I course must participate in the Maryland Integrated Science Assessment, and any student in the Government course must participate and pass the Government High School Assessment. Since that assessment must be given IN PERSON  at South Carroll High School, CCPS has been working diligently to plan a way to assess students during this time. 

Maryland Government High School Assessment: Wednesday January 20, 2021 from 7:30am-1:00pm.

·       CCPS busses will be stopping at ALL high school bus stops on January 20th for students taking the Government High School Assessment. Please report to your bus stop 10-15 minutes prior to the listed time on the CCPS bus route document: https://www.carrollk12.org/about/Documents/BusRoutes2020-21.pdf Students riding the bus will be transported home at 1pm.


If you elect to do parent drop off and pick up, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. ARRIVAL: Students should arrive to school no later than 7:30am and report directly to their testing location with their CCPS laptop.

*Parent Drop off: Enter at the staff parking lot go to the right.  Turn at the parking lot break and loop around to the side of the H wing.  Students should be dropped off along the sidewalk and should proceed to the front doors.  Please make sure students have all belonging ready and can exit the car quickly so as to not impede the drop off line.  Students are required to wear a mask and practice social distancing.

  1. DISMISSAL: Parents may pick up students at the conclusion of testing, approximately 11:30am. If technical difficulty arise and testing must extends more than 15 minutes, we will send a school messenger alert stating the new dismissal time.  However, as the schedule states, students are welcome to stay and complete school work until bus dismissal at 1pm.

*Parent Pick up: Students will exit to the rear of the building via the G wing or breezeway doors.  They will proceed up around the building to the stadium.  Parents should park in the stadium parking lot in a spot.  Please do not park along the curb. Students should meet parents in their car. 

CCPS Guidelines for MCAP Assessments: 

·         All MCAP assessments must be completed in person. 

·         All IEP and 504 state testing accommodations will be provided.

·         Both the Government and MISA are computer-based assessments and must be completed on a CCPS-assigned device. 

***It is imperative that all students pick up the CCPS-issued device on January 6th and bring it to school on assessment day.

·         If  your child is participating 100% virtually, we are still asking that you come to school to complete the exam on the identified day.

·         We will continue to follow all guidelines identified from the CDC for COVID-19 in order to keep all students safe during this time. 

Other Relevant Details:

·         Students who come to school to test must follow all COVID protocols and should only report if they are healthy and symptom free.

·         Students MUST wear a mask while in the building and during testing and shall practice social distancing. 

·         As with any school day, there will be a nurse on staff.

·         Students will be divided amongst numerous classrooms to maintain appropriate social distancing guidelines. 

·         Room assignments will be sent to teachers to communicate with students the Monday before each assessment.

·         Students are encouraged to bring only their computer and a water bottle on test day. Phones are permitted but must be turned off, in their laptop bag, and not accessible during testing.

·         All students will receive a grab-and-go breakfast before testing and a bagged lunch upon completion of the assessment. 

If you are not comfortable having your child report to the building during the testing days that have been identified, a second testing window will be provided in the spring. Please know that by choosing to assess at a later date means that your child will have a significant time gap between learning the assessed content and assessing.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Shannon Maas at  samaas@carrollk12.org 




Dec 21
2021-2022 Course Scheduling Website & Info

Click here to visit SCHS's new Scheduling website for information on scheduling for the 2021-2022 school year.

South Carroll students are beginning to work with their school counselors to select courses for next school year.  We invite our parents to be part of the process and have created several resources for you.


  1. South Carroll will hold its Virtual Scheduling Night on January 7, 2021 from 5:00 to 7:00pm.  All families are invited to join information sessions, held on Google Meets, to learn about the academic programs offered to our students.  For more information and links to the meets please click here or here.  
  2. We have also created a Google Site with information about each of our academic departments and course selection materials for each grade.  Please click here to access the site.  We will continue to add resources and materials as we move through the scheduling process.
  3. Our Program of Studies is a comprehensive guide to all of the courses, programs, and graduation requirements for South Carroll and Carroll County Public Schools.  You may access our copy of the 2021-2022 Program of studies here.
Dec 07
Spirit Week December 14-18

logo of SC Holiday spirit week

Dec 03
Class of 2021 Cap & Gown Ordering Information

Balfour cap and gown ordering information

Class of 2021 - It's time to order your Cap & Gown for Graduation!

To order just your cap & gown, please click the link below:


Or, use the attached Grad Products Brochure & Order Form if you would like to print & mail the order form.

Also, be the first to order other "Grad Essentials" such as Announcements, Diploma Frames, Souvenir Tassels, 2021 Apparel, etc.

To order Grad Essentials, please click the link below: https://www.balfour.com/maryland/sykesville/south-carroll-high-school

Watch a Balfour Video!

If you already have a black cap & gown, you may purchase a class of 2021 tassel through South Carroll High School. Cash or checks made out to SCHS in the amount of $10 will be accepted. Collection dates TBD.



Dec 02
Congratulations Students of the Month

Good news! Congratulations to our recent South Carroll High School Students of the Month!


September-Natalie DuMars- nominated by administration for her outstanding work in the South Carroll High School Diversity Club. She worked during Back to School/pre-service time with teachers and students in on-line meetings, training and sharing discussions. Natalie strives to make SCHS culture more welcoming!

   Mason Hintermeister-nominated by the Science Department.  Persistent, determined, kind, and considerate describes Mason by his teachers. He is part of the SCHS National Science Honor Society. He will be recognized as an AP Scholar with Honors.  He looks forward to studying paleoanthropology.

October-Katie Seidel-nominated by the Science Department. Katie is described by her teachers as bright, hardworking and caring. She is part of the SCHS National Science Honor Society. Katie is in the top percentage of her class and looks forward to studying environmental engineering.

  Henry Stafford-nominated by the English/Drama Department.  Enthusiastic, polite and attentive describes Henry by his teachers. He is part of SCHS Stagelighters and Sea Cadets/Coast Guard swimming. He hopes to continue his education to become a psychologist.

November-Abi Culkin-nominated by the English/Drama. Abi is described by her teachers as impressive, phenomenal and approachable. She is part of the SCHS Stagelighters and International Thespian Society. She looks forward to a career as a music teacher.

   Noah Pugliese-nominated by the Science Department. ‘ A delight to have in the classroom’ is stated by Noah’s teachers. He is part of the SCHS National Science Honor Society and baseball team. He is a straight A scholar athlete.  


We are proud of your accomplishments, Cavaliers! Well done!

Nov 19
Message regarding School Athletics

 Dear South Carroll Community,

 Below is an announcement from Mr. Duffy Supervisor of Athletics for Carroll County Public Schools.

 Dear CCPS Families,

 At Wednesday night’s Board of Education meeting, I announced that we will cease all Return to play activities after Wednesday November 25, 2020.  This will include spring sports competitive activities, weight room usage, and any season’s two students per day that may have been taking place.  Additionally, based upon the Board's decision to move to a fully virtual format, all indoor activities will cease beginning tomorrow.  We will have a complete shutdown of all CCPS athletic activities after next Wednesday. 

I also announced we would delay the start of the winter tryout period from December 7, 2020 until December 14, 2020.  During the time from Thanksgiving until the first day of tryouts, we are asking everyone (coaches and students) to stay within their own bubbles.  It is our hope that the two-week period will function as a quarantine period before bringing students into the buildings for athletics. 

The rising number of cases in Carroll County as well as across the state and nation gives us great pause and there is still no guarantee we will be able to begin winter sports as planned, even on this new calendar.  We believe only through the willingness of everyone involved to quarantine during that two-week period lies our only chance of beginning winter sports in a timely manner.   

We are asking, in fact pleading, with everyone to be responsible during this time so that our students and coaches have an opportunity to participate in the interscholastic athletics program. 

If you have any particular questions, please let me know.



Michael Duffy, CMAA

Supervisor of Athletics

Carroll County Public Schools


A special note: South Carroll High School will end spring and Weight training pods after Tuesday November 24th, 2020. 

Nov 18
Return to Virtual Learning

At the November 18th Board of Education meeting , the board decided to move schools back to virtual learning in response to rising COVID – 19 cases.  The board also shared their hope to get students back into the school building for hybrid learning as soon as it is safe.  In order to keep consistency as we move from one learning environment to another, we will continue with the same virtual log-in times that we have been using and will use again when we return to the hybrid setting. Please see the schedule below. 



Class Time

Log in Time

Mod 1

7:40 - 8:50

7:40 am


Open Cav Time

9:00 - 9:20

9:00 am

Mod 2

9:25 - 10:50 

9:25 am

Mod 3

10:55 - 12:20

10:55 am


12:20 - 1:00


Mod 4

1:00 - 2:20



Students who attend the Career and Technology Center should look for information from the CCCTC administration. 

We also want to remind students and parents that many academic supports still remain in place while we are in virtual learning.  Students should remember to use CAV Time to get extra support from teachers.  South Carroll continues to offer tutoring support, which can be requested through this form.  Counselors are also available to help students with organization, academic, and social/emotional questions.  Students can email their counselor to make an appointment or request one using this form. Please remember that teachers, counselors, instructional assistants, and administrators are all available to support the academic achievement of our students. 

We hope that all of our Cavaliers stay healthy.  Be Well!

Nov 09
Early Dismissal Bell Schedule

November 11 & 25 and December 23 Early Dismissal Bell Schedule

Mod 1

7:30 - 8:20

Mod 2

8:30 - 9:20

Mod 3

9:30 - 10:20

Mod 4

10:30 - 11:30


  • Students should remember to take attendance in the Daily Attendance Google Classroom.

  • Students and staff should log-in to Google Meets at the class start time. 

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