What Is College & Career Readiness Powerpoint Presentation


College and Career Readiness Determination

The Maryland College and Career Readiness and College Completion Act of 2013 requires that all students in grade 11 complete an assessment to determine if they meet the criteria set forth by the Maryland State Department of Education for college and career readiness.  College and career readiness is defined as the level of preparation a student needs to enroll and succeed, without remediation, in a credit-bearing course at a postsecondary institution that offers a degree or in a high quality certificate program that enables students to enter a career pathway with potential future advancement. 


To be College and Career Ready (CCR), students in grade 11 (or near completion of English 11, Honors English 11, AP Language and Composition, Algebra II, or Integrated Algebra) will take PARCC English 11 and Accuplacer – College Level Math, unless the student has already earned CCR designation through an approved alternative assessment from the list below.  Students can also be designated CCR when admitted to a college level, credit-bearing English or math course in 11th grade or the upcoming 12th grade based on the College’s requirements for admission and placement in such course work. 


Students who do not achieve the CCR passing score on the initial assessment prior to grade 12 will be enrolled in a transition course or a course that includes additional learning experiences in grade 12.  Near completion of the transition course, students will re-test for CCR by taking Accuplacer – Reading, Writing, and Sentence Skills, Accuplacer – College Level Math, or both.  Students enrolled in a Career and Technology Education completer program, and not designated CCR by the end of their junior year, can meet CCR designation in their senior year by passing the related industry recognized certification exam for their career completer.


Content Area


Passing Score

English Language Arts

PARCC English 11

4 or higher


Accuplacer –



Sentence Skills


79 or higher

6 or higher

90 or higher


SAT Reading

480 or higher


ACT Reading

21 or higher


AP Language and Composition

3 or higher


AP Literature and Composition

3 or higher





Accuplacer –

College Level Math


45 or higher


SAT Math

530 or higher


ACT Math

21 or higher


AP Calculus AB or BC

3 or higher


AP Statistics

3 or higher






NOTE: This chart will be subject to change pending any State action on graduation requirements.