Important Service Learning Announcements:

1.       To get Service Learning Hours approved and posted as quickly as possible and to avoid losing forms while waiting for school to reopen, it is strongly recommended that Service Learning forms be submitted using the ONLINE FORM.   It can be found below and on CCPS websites. Be sure to include email address and phone number for the supervising adult.  Do NOT email copies of paper forms.

2.       There is  some case by case leniency for indirect and advocacy service documentation during this unusual time.  Students  need to submit a plan of  indirect or advocacy service they want to do, PRIOR to taking action/implementing the plan.  Planning time counts as service time.  There is some flexibility as to the supervising adult, who should be identified along with contact email & phone information in the plan.  In some cases, if an organizational supervisor isn’t available, a parent or school staff can act in this capacity, again, with prior approval.  MSDE guidelines are still in place for acceptable types of service. Remember, doing a good deed for a neighbor, friend or family is NOT considered service learning, but currently if the service is Covid-19 related, such as making masks for a neighbor, that would be acceptable service with an approved preliminary plan. 

 3.       Direct your questions and pre-approval plans to Ms. Karen Renshaw (



Fill out your Service Learning Forms online!  

Go to will need the supervising adult's email/phone number for verification and final approval.  

Students need to be sure to enter the correct AD Username and school when submitting Service Learning Forms online.  The AD Username is 3 letters followed by 4 numbers and is used to log onto school computers.   If you submitted forms online over the summer, please go back and check that you entered the proper AD Username, as the form cannot be verified and approved without it.  Contact Ms. Karen Renshaw, Service Learning Coordinator, if you have any questions. 

If you have trouble with this online page,  contact CCPS Service Learning Coordinator Gina Koger  You may still use a paper form which can be accessed from the links below.

CCPS Service Learning Guidelines

Reflections forms and Guidelines can be downloaded from the CCPS main site.

Community Service Brochure

Mentoring Opportunities:

Spend some time working one-on-one mentoring or tutoring students in middle or elementary school and earn service learning hours. For details and applications, click on the following links:

Mt Airy Middle School

Winfield Elementary School