Manchester Valley High School Advisory Council



The MVHS Advisory Council supports the development of all of our students toward academic excellence and life success by bridging the school with community resources and continuous innovation.



To create a community network of local stakeholders genuinely concerned with and active in the success of all MVHS students.


Belief Statements:

  • As a community we are committed to the success of all Manchester Valley High School students.
  • Our students are an asset to our community and to the communities where they will live, work and participate as future citizens.
  • Education is the responsibility of the school, student, family and our entire community.
  • We can assist students in developing positive relationships with community members who will serve as their mentors and allow them to participate in apprenticeships to develop the specific hard skills related to their particular career field or job.
  • As alumni, local businesses, members of higher education and the community we can foster the development of essential interpersonal skills such as reliability, respect, integrity, timeliness, a good work ethic, idea sharing, perseverance, strong character, self-discipline and flexibility while serving as mentors for our students.
  • We can work within our community to coordinate resources which will be helpful to our students.
  • We can inspire students in the development of their creativity and their spirit of innovation.
  • We can help students aspire to reach their full potential by establishing these relationships with them.
  • We can help students achieve the character that we value in ourselves.

2017-2018 Meetings (MVHS Media Center, 7pm)

•             September 18

•             October 16

•             November 20

•             December 18

•             January 22

•             February 12

•             March 19

•             April 16

•             May 21


Annual Events

Fall: Business Welcome and Networking Event

Spring: Hampstead-Manchester Business & Community Expo



Tom Rhoads, Chairperson