Mission Statement

The Manchester Valley High School community is responsible for a rigorous, innovative, and supportive learning culture that fosters achievement, individuality, and service.

Vision Statement

At Manchester Valley High School, the school and community unite to benefit the education and success of our students. We focus on nurturing personal and academic growth, building relationships and developing character. Our graduates are prepared to meet the challenges of life.

Belief Statements

At Manchester Valley High School,  We believe that ...

  • a dynamic educational program advances the aspirations and abilities of every student.
  • all members of the school and community are responsible for creating a welcoming environment.
  • education is the shared responsibility of students, family, staff, and community.
  • the ability to utilize technology effectively is an essential component to success in an innovative society.
  • rigorous and relevant instruction is the foundation for student learning and future success.
  • honest, respectful, and responsible behavior is expected of all members of our school community.
  • a safe and secure environment is essential to learning.
  • creating positive relationships inspires learning and growth.
  • all students can succeed by assuming personal responsibility for their learning experiences.
  • students demonstrate pride in themselves, their school, and their community through their behavior and actions.
  • supportive partnerships, between both the school and its community, are vital to the success of each.
  • a positive and supportive environment is the foundation for successful participation in academic and extracurricular endeavors.
  • recognizing and accepting individuality fosters unity.
  • lifelong learning is essential to productive citizenship.
  • a spirit of service promotes character and personal growth.
  • technology will be used by all students and staff as a learning and organizational tool.
  • it is critical for our school to model and promote positive environmental practices.