Nov 07
Dismissal procedures

Dear Parents,

We would like to take a moment and remind everyone of our dismissal and morning drop off procedures. It is important for the safety of students, faculty, and those picking up or dropping off that we follow these procedures, as well as efficiency for all involved. We understand that it is a hectic time when buses, cars, and pedestrians are all coming or going at one time. However, we are trying to alleviate as much backup as possible. Please see the below procedures to ensure the safety of everyone.

 Morning Drop-off:

  • The front parking lot is not a drop off area in the morning. The 2 side lots are for drop-off. The front lot is for buses only unless permission has been given from administration.
  • The gym side parking lot (junior lot) is a drop off area. Enter off of Bartholow and circle around by the tennis courts and drop off at the entrance to the gym doors. Follow the loop around and exit back onto Bartholow. Doors open at 7am to the school. Do not travel on interior lanes unless you plan to park.
  • The stadium parking lot (senior lot) is a drop off area using a thru street called Lion’s Den Rd. With 2 entrances to that side of the school and many entrances into and out of the lot onto Lion’s Den, the following procedures should be followed.
  1. Sidewalk Side of Lion’s Den Rd
  • We ask if you are dropping off that you drop off on the sidewalk side of Lion’s Den. When dropping off on the sidewalk side, please pull down towards the 2nd crosswalk (towards the back of the school) to drop off as to not back up the entrance at the top of Lion’s Den (front of the school). This way faculty and students have access to the entrances into the lot and we won’t back up onto Bartholow or block buses from exiting the front lot onto Lion’s Den.
  1. Non-Sidewalk Side of Lion’s Den Rd
  • When using the Non-Sidewalk area, please pull into the parking lot to drop off so students can use one of the two crosswalks.


  • The front lot is not open for pickup until 2:30 or after the buses leave.
  • The gym side parking lot (junior lot) is Open for pickup. Enter off of Bartholow and circle around by the tennis courts and pick up at the entrance to the gym doors. Follow the loop around and exit back onto Bartholow. Please do not use interior lanes for pickup. We will stop traffic out of this parking lot when the buses are ready to leave in order to allow them to get out onto Bartholow more easily.
  • The stadium parking lot (senior lot) is a pickup area as there is a thru street called Lion’s Den rd. With 2 entrances to that side of the school and many entrances into and out of the lot onto Lion’s Den, there is more room for traffic to build up. We ask that if you are picking up a student that you enter off of Johnsville road onto Lion’s Den and come up by the stadium starting at 2:00 pm. Please pull into the lot and park until dismissal. We ask that unless you are picking someone up that is handicapped that you park in spots not designated handicap.  All the entrances into the lot, except the one closest to the stadium, will be coned off around 2:10 to funnel traffic out one way. Please do not enter from Bartholow onto Lion’s Den after 2:00 pm. Buses are starting to line up at that time.
  • The only pick up areas at this time are the 2 side lots. The road by the stadium leading behind the school is not a pickup area. Parking by the stadium whether on Lion’s Den or the access road behind the home bleachers is not a designated area for pickup. Please do not park there to wait for your child.
  • Please do not enter Lion’s Den or the front lot from Bartholow until all buses are gone from the school. This will be around 2:30. Dismissal last approximately 8 – 10 minutes max.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us get everyone in and out in a timely manner, yet keeping our students, faculty, parents, and visitors safe at those times.

Oct 03
Conference Night is October 11th


Parent/Teacher conference night is approaching next Wednesday October 11.  This year we are trying something new!  Parents and guardians can now sign up for their conference on-line!  No need to call the school to schedule your conferences.  You can build your evening based on your schedule. 


Click on the link below and it will take you to sign up genius.  Find the department of the teacher with whom you would like to meet.  Click on the time to schedule your meeting.  Enter your e-mail and you will receive a reminder of your conference 2 days prior.  Should you need to change your schedule or delete an appointment, you will need to set up a signup genius account with very easy steps.  With an account you can also save your appointments to your personal calendar.


Please remember to check your student’s schedule for teacher room numbers for your conference.  We hope that this will simplify the process of signing up for a conference and we hope to see you next Wednesday evening.  If you should have difficulties or questions, please call the school.

Aug 31
Meet the Teacher Night


Meet the Teacher Night is on August 31st from 6PM – 8PM.  

Meet the Teacher Night Schedule

Parents: Please print your child's schedule prior to arriving.


6:00 – 6:09                       Principal Welcome and Remarks – Auditorium

                                                    Introductions, staying connected with LHS

6:14 – 6:35                        Mod 1 (A Day Class Ends at 6:23) (B Day Class Begins at 6:26)

6:38 – 6:45                      Advisory

6:48 – 7:09                       Mod 2 (A Day Class Ends at 6:57) (B Day Class Begins at 7:00)

7:12 – 7:35                       Mod 3 (A Day Class Ends at 7:23) (B Day Class Begins at 7:26)

7:38 – 8:00                       Mod 4 (A Day Class Ends at 7:47) (B Day Class Begins at 7:51)

A/B Classes will be split into 9 minute segments with 3 minutes of travel time.