Francis Scott Key High School is part of the Carroll County Public School System. It is a comprehensive high school in Union Bridge, Maryland. Located on Bark Hill Road, it serves the north-west community of Carroll County including the towns of Union Bridge, New Windsor, and Taneytown. It has a functional capacity of 1200 students and currently serves over 940 students.  The mascot is the eagle, and the school colors are red, white, and blue.


Profile of the FSK Graduate

We believe that all graduates are…

• Able to think critically with the ability to solve complex problems.

• Nurtured into valuable, principled and productive members of society.

• Prepared to be successful members of the work force.

• Accountable and responsible for their decisions and choices while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

• Able to learn from success and failure with grace, dignity, resilience and persistence.

• Prepared academically for their post-high school career.

• Instilled with a work ethic that will allow them to pursue their goals and reach their full potential.

• Infused with leadership skills.

• Prepared to use technology to communicate effectively and ethically.

• Enlightened both culturally and globally.


Belief Statements

We believe that…

1.   All students can learn and do so at different rates through a variety of learning styles.

2.    All students should be challenged to reach their potential through rigorous programs of study.

3.    Learning is a shared process involving the student, family, school and community.

4.    High expectations by all stakeholders promote student achievement.

5.    Learning is a lifelong process enhanced by diverse experiences.

6.    Respect and ethical behavior is important to the success of a school community.

7.    Learning is most relevant when instruction is engaging and connects personally to students.

8.    A willingness to change is necessary for continuous improvement.

9.    Optimal learning takes place in an inviting, orderly, and safe environment.

10.  Educational risk taking is an opportunity to develop character regardless of the results.