Peer Facilitators

The Peer Facilitators at Francis Scott Key are mature, empathetic, and dependable Juniors and Seniors who have gone through an interview and a multi-day training process.  They are available to help students:
  • Adjust to School
  •  Deal with peer conflict
  •  Cope with family issues
  • Sort out relationship issues
  • Handle stress and anger
  • Figure out communication issues with family, friends and faculty
  • Plan for their future
  • Learn how to use career planning tools
  • Have a positive high school experience
  • Feel comfortable here at FSK
Peer Facilitators also assist with the August Freshman Open House, New Student Groups, 8th Grade Transition Activities, and presentations in Freshman Seminar, as well as school wide community activities. 
How do I see a Peer Facilitator?
Peer Facilitators are in the School Counseling Office every mod of the day. You can come into the School Counseling Office and request to meet with a Peer Facilitator. You will receive a pass on your appointment day.
How do I become a Peer Facilitator?
Applications are available in the School Counseling Office in January, February and March. Interested students may apply in the Spring of their Sophomore or Junior year. Students must complete an application with a letter of recommendation. Students must have a 2.5 GPA or better. Students who have discipline referrals or have less than 94% attendance may be disqualified. Because FSK Peer Facilitators are role models, they are expected to be mature, dependable, empathetic, approachable, trustworthy, as well as have initiative, integrity and exemplify Eagle Character.   
If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Headley in the School Counseling Office.