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Carroll County Career and Technolgy Center

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Priority for Programs:

Priority consideration for programs will be given to students who apply before Dec 1st of their SOPHOMORE YEAR. (Space is limited in programs, see criteria for selection below.) CCCTC will send out first round decisions by mid-January of the student's 10th grade year.


10th and 11th graders can continue to apply for programs and may be accepted based on the criteria below and as space permits. Applications may be accepted up until 2 weeks before a program starts.

Applications Process

Discover the 'CCCTC Experience':

  • 8th graders in the county middle schools are brought on a field trip to the Tech Center to discover the "CCCTC experience"

Explore the 'CCCTC Experience':

  • Ninth graders are visited by CCCTC counselors
  • A CCCTC Open house is held every October
  • 9th and 10th grade tours are scheduled after school
  • The CCCTC Website provides lots of information about each program
  • Go to the <program pages> to see videos about each program or check out our <video resource>  page

Apply to join the 'CCCTC Experience':

  • Applications can be printed above and mailed, emailed, or faxed to CCCTC (see instruction on application)
  • Letters with applications are mailed out to all 10th graders registered at CCPS high school in Sept
  • Applications can be found at the high school counseling office

Acceptance Is Based On (Also see in program of studies):

  • GPA
  • Rigor of Coursework
  • Attendance
  • Other criteria such as program specific requirements and prerequisites are also reviewed.

Minimum requirements are 2.0 GPA in academic level classes, 94% attendance and 11th grade status when entering a program. SPACE is limited. In determining which students are accepted in a program that is 'full', we score each student's transcript by looking at their overall grade point average (GPA) and their attendance. Additionally, we look at their performance in specific English, math and science courses with consideration given to the rigor of the courses. This process results in each student being assigned a rubric score. Students with the highest scores are placed in the program.

NOTE: Applications are still accepted after the initial decisions are made. If openings are available or become available ALL applicants on hold for that program are reviewed.