Vision Statement for the Carroll County Career and Technology Center

The Carroll County Career and Technology Center will be a transformational force in the academic and professional aspirations of our students with the support of all stakeholders.


Mission Statement for the Carroll County Career and Technology Center

The Carroll County Career and Technology Center is a first class educational institution dedicated to the application of knowledge, use of technology, and preparation of students for the future in a variety of academic and professional fields.


Roles of staff, students and community to support this mission:

Administrators will:

  • Create an atmosphere of common purpose and respect the divergent viewpoints of all stakeholders.
  • Treat all fairly and equitably and celebrate all achievements.
  • Be vigilant in encouraging and promoting the school vision of educating students.
  • Acquire the essential resources and the support of the educational establishment, community, and businesses required to achieve the vision.


Teachers will:

  • Relentlessly strive to be the best teacher, colleague, employee, and community citizen.
  • Be inspirational, ethical, and equitable role models to all students.
  • Utilize teaching methods that promote higher level thinking and understanding.
  • Genuinely have a desire to respect the needs of every student.
  • Motivate and provide a path for each student to achieve well beyond their preconceived levels of ability.


Students will:

  • Respect and follow the rules and regulations of the classroom and school.
  • Actively participate in classroom learning.
  • Have high expectations in their ability to excel academically.
  • Embrace the entire school experience and respect fellow students.


Parents will:

  • Actively participate and provide inspiration for their child’s educational endeavors and the various activities the school offers.
  • Reinforce the importance of school achievement in regard to future employment opportunities.
  • Collaborate with teachers to address educational and disciplinary concerns.
  • Be confident that the teacher and school are acting in the best interest of all students.


The Community will:

  • Support school initiatives by volunteering time to assist with school activities, support fund raising efforts, and contribute surplus materials and supplies.
  • Actively participate in school functions.
  • Provide employment to current or graduated students.