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From the MSDE website:

Maryland College and Career Ready

….implementation of higher academic standards for all students, in all 24 school systems.
These standards help our students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in a competitive, 21st century economy.

Goals Related to Our Standards

  • Prepare all students for college and today’s workforce.
  • Focus on 21st century skills--including critical thinking, clear writing, and problem-solving.
  • Create consistent learning goals across the state, regardless of where students live.

Career & Technology Education

Career and Technology Education (CTE) prepares both youth and adults for a wide range of careers. These careers require varying levels of education- from high school and postsecondary certificates, to apprenticeships, or two- and four-year college degrees. Students add value to their overall education by completing CTE programs of study that provide opportunities to earn industry-recognized credentials and college credit while still in high school.

Approved Programs

Each program at the Carroll County Career and Technology Center (CCCTC) is approved by the Division of College & Career Readiness of the Maryland State Department of Education. Curriculum standards, competency profiles, and testing are a part of these approved programs that are based on industry standards. Evaluation criteria of these standards may include safety, proficiency, accuracy, efficiency, documentation, and professionalism. Standards are stated in competency profiles for each program. Competency profiles are available by contacting the CCCTC at 410 751-3669 and are found on the website: PROGRAM PAGES

Opportunities beyond earning high school credit are available for all programs at CCCTC. The criteria for qualifying for these opportunities are regulated by the certifying agency or postsecondary institution. Additional information related to these opportunities is listed in the program of studies found on the CCPS website and is available by contacting the CCCTC school counseling department at 410 751-3669.

Enrollment Criteria

Enrollment criteria for courses offered at the Carroll County Career & Technology Center is stated in the program of studies.


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