Oct 20
Ground Breaking: Addition to Tech Center

Video of ground breaking ceremony with aritst rendition of what the new Tech Center will look like.and building plans.



Oct 19
Transportation starting 10/19/2020


We have been anticipating and planning for all schools to open 10/19, however, the board decided to delay the opening of high schools. Although this does not impact CTC’s ability to remain open and bring Phase 3 students back on 10/19, it does impact bus transportation. The greatest change impacts Mod 1 only students. Bus pick-ups at satellite and home school locations will remain the same but drop off will only be at home schools. Drop offs at satellite locations will no longer be available for Mod 1 only students.

If your student does not have a way home from his/her home school after Mod 1, he/she will have the option of remaining at the home school for the remainder of the school day. If you wish to take advantage of this option, please email Ms. Donovan, CTC principal, so she can communicate that with the home school.  eldonov@carrollk12.org

Other changes, which are noted in the plan consist of minor time shifts. This may impact your student’s ability to get into their Mod 4 Google Classroom on time. We have communicated this with the home schools and your student should not be penalized. Please take a moment to check your student’s pick-up/drop off location and time.

Students are still able to drive to CTC without a permit. Overflow parking is at Carroll Community College in the lot closest to the YMCA. A shuttle will transport students to and from CTC. Students are not permitted to park at WHS or any other lot.

One final note regarding 10/29. CTC is will be open for in-person instruction. Students who are not participating in PSATs are expected to attend CTC.

Thank you for your continued patience and flexibility with these everchanging circumstances.

Transportation beginning 10-19.docx 

Oct 12
All CCCTC Programs Go Hybrid (Oct 19)

October 19, 2020: Carrol County Public Schools and Carroll County Caeer and Tech Center open, hybrid to all students.

CCCTC original opening plan

Imporatant points in plan:

1. Weekly Hybrid Model (assigned based on home high school)

Mondays and Tuesdays (Cohort A):  FSK, LHS, SCHS, WM, WHS (A-J)

Wednesdays: Virtual for all students

Thursdays and Fridays (Cohort B): CHS, Gateway, MV, WHS (K-Z).

*Students will follow their regular daily CCCTC schedule.

2. Please follow all CCPS and CDC's COVID-19 precautions  (e.g. types of face masks, social distancing, and washing hands)

3. Please stay home if you are experiencing symptoms known to be associated with COVID-19.

4. Please let administartion and your teacher know if you are planning on going entirely virtual.  Here are some FAQ about being all virtual


Oct 06
Virtual Open House Oct 15 (6 to 8 pm)

Carroll County Career and Tech Center’s Virtual OPEN HOUSE: Thursday, October 15th from 6 to 8 pm

Virtual Open House Link<link will go live the night of the open house>


  1. Link will go live on Oct 15 @ 6 pm with links to a general session and all of our programs
  2. Note: We will be using Google Meet (c)  which is part of the G Suite for Google Classroom (c)  for the video conference sessions tonight. It will work best if students can be logged into CCPS google classroom when opening the "Google Meet" video conferencing links.  Parents should be ale to get on if they have a google account but it will work best using the student accounts.  (Microphone and camera help if you want to interact with CCCTC staff.)
  3. Any additional information will be posted here tonight, Oct 15th.




Sep 09
Bus Transportation for Hybrid Opening

During the phased in, hybrid schedule at the Career and Tech Center, bus routes will be run from and to all high schools and limited satellite locations.. 



Aug 17
Reopening Fall 2020

We hope that this communication finds you and your family healthy and safe. Although it is hard to believe summer is nearly over, we are very excited to bring students back to CCCTC!  We have missed them and appreciate the Board of Education recognizing that CCCTC students, especially those returning, need the hands-on time in their programs.

It is important to note that the school opening, remaining open, and phasing-in dates are subject to change. (See document below)

  • The phase-in plan will begin with returning students in lab, shop, clinic intense programs.
  • The hybrid model will be followed, meaning some students will attend CTC on Mondays and Tuesdays and some students will attend Thursdays and Fridays. The assigned days are based on home school and listed in a chart below.
  • The normal, daytime CTC schedule will be followed by students. (ie – Students who are Mod 1 only, will attend Mod 1. Students who attend Mods 1-3, will attend Mods 1-3. Etc.).
  • Virtual learning will occur on the days students are not at CTC.
  • Students in Phase 2-3 will be all virtual until their phase-in date, which is subject to change.

Reopening Plan for Fall 2020

Thank you for your patience and support as we navigate this new normal. We are thrilled to bring students back to CTC while keeping everyone safe and healthy!

For those who choose to go all virtual, here is some FAQ's to consider. 


Apr 28
Joe Corbi's Delivery POSTPONED

Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, delivery of items bought during the Joe Corbi's fundraiser have been delayed.   We will send a schoolwide email to all students/parents to let them know when the delivery has been rescheduled.  We appreciate your understanding during these unpresidented times. 


Apr 24
County Information and Resource for Covid-19

County Information and Resource for Covid-19

A great source for coronavirus information is www.coronavirus.gov but what about local information and parent resources as we try to navigate these difficult times?

  1. The CCPS has an informational website on COVID-19, and its effects on the school system.  This site is constantly being updated with helpful/important information.
  2. Also for a great resource on health related issues, resources for parents, food distribution, along with lots of other information, go to the Carroll County Health Department’s website on COVID-19
Apr 24
Covid-19 Updates and Information

Covid-19 Updates and Information


March 15-19: Students contacted by CCCTC instructors

March 22:  Students start turning in assignments and learn remotely using technology or packets.

March 30:  CCPS deadline for requesting laptops

April 17:  Marking period 3 ends and grades entered

April 20:  Remote learning in full swing.  (waiting on the state and county to determine how grading for MP4 will work)

April 22: Grading for MP 4 announced. 

May 4:  Maryland closes schools for the rest of 2019-2020 school year.(CCPS: Covid-19 updates)


1. If you are having difficulties please first reach out to the instructor and make sure you are connected to your class (google classroom, online textbooks, videos, assignments, professional websites or receiving packets (hard copy)).  The primary way to contact instructors is by email.

2. If students have trouble connecting or getting in touch with the teacher, please contact one of the school counselors at CCCTC.  Please leave your phone number and a time of day we can call you.:

Bob Dean ( radean@carrollk12.org )

Carrie Potts ( capotts@carrollk12.org

3. The home high school counselors are in constant contact with CCCTC so you can include them with any communications.  They have known you students, in most cases, since freshman year.  You can find their email at the home high school websites.

Jan 23
9th Grade, Counselor Led Tours

9th Grade, Counselor Led Tours

The Carroll County Career and Tech Center will be hosting afterschool, counselor led tours on Feb 25th and Feb 26th.

  •  Did you miss the openhouse in October?
  •  Maybe you want to explore a program you saw last year on the 8th grade field trip.
  •  Have you planned to apply in 10th grade, but still have some questions?

Come see what over 1300 students a year experience at the CCCTC. Industry grade equipment, experienced instructors, college credits and valuable certification are all available at the Tech Center.

9th graders, please RSVP by clicking on the link below.

 *RSVP to the 9th grade, counselor led, CCCTC tours

Date and Time

…counselors will give general tours of CCCTC focusing on:


Feb 25th  at 3:30 pm

(Please RSVP by clicking on the link above)

Tour 1:  Print Production (PrintED© certified)

Video Production

Tour 2:  Textile and Fashions Careers

Cosmetology (MD State Board Certification)

Tour 3:  Culinary Arts: (1) Profession Cook   (2) Baking & Pastry

Tour 4:  CISCO Cyber Operations

 CISCO Networking Academy

Tour 5:  Biomedical Science, Project Lead The Way©  (Honors (4.5)/College(5.0))

Tour 6:  Nursing (Honors/College Level)

 Physical Rehabilitation (Honors (4.5)/College(5.0))



Feb 26th  at 3:30 pm

(Please RSVP by clicking on the link above)

Tour 1:  Auto Service  

Collision Repair 

Heavy Equipment & Truck Technology (Diesel)

Tour 2:   Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement ((Honors (4.5)/College(5.0))

 Geographic Information System Technology

Tour 3:  Masonry


Tour 4:  Electrical Construction


Tour 5:  Engineering, Project Lead The Way© (Honors (4.5)/College(5.0))


Tour 6:  Applied Mechanical Engineering



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