1. How can students/parents learn more about the Carroll County Career and Technology Center?

  • Website:  www.carrollk12.org/ctc   (instructors emails, videos, program brochures, applications)
  • Open House:  The CCCTC Open House is the third Thursday in October from 6 to 8 pm.  Instructors are available for questions and senior projects are on display.  (Usually from 1000-2000 people attend!)
  • 8th grader student tours:  8th graders come during the school day to experience 4 of the programs.
  • Parent Tours: 9th grade and 10th grade parent tours are offered after school
  • Presentations:  CCCTC counselors visit 9th and 10th graders in small groups and/or assemblies
  • Counselor:  Ask your counselor which programs are available and how to apply.


2. Can Students earn college credits?   YES!

  • Articulation Agreements: MOST of our programs have articulated agreements with colleges and trade schools. The agreements allow students, who do well in our programs, to earn college credits at those schools. (see the front of the program of studies found at the CCPS website for a list of programs and college credits).
  • Transcripted credits: Students in the following programs can earn college credits ON A TRANSCRIPT based on class grades and an end of program test.  Students can then transfer these credits to other colleges based on that college’s criterion for transfer credits.  Some examples:
  • Computer Science: AP Computer Science and AP Principles of Computer Science are part of this program
  • Engineering: 12+ credits from Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Biomedical Science: 12 credits from Missouri Univ. of Science & Technology and 4 credits from Stevenson University (in the past, students have transferred all 16 credits to other universities)
  • Other programs with transcripted credits:  Academy of Health & Homeland Security: Criminal Justice


3. Do they have Honors and AP at the Career and Tech Center? 

Programs with AP Level (5.0 GPA scale) Credits: 

(1) Academy of Health           (2) Biomedical Science       (3) Engineering     (4) Homeland Security: Criminal Justice

(5) Computer Science: 2 credits honors (4.5) and 2 credits AP level (5.0)

Many of our programs are taught at a college level of reading and content.


4. What are the minimum requirements for acceptance into a program

  • 2.0 GPA in academic level courses
  • 94% attendance


5. When do students apply? (See How to Apply)

  • Applications are due for most programs Dec 1st of the 10th grade year for FIRST ROUND DECISIONS.


6. Why doesn’t minimum always get a student into CCCTC?  In fact why are good students put on hold?

  • Due to the limitation of space and resources, some of our programs have wait lists. Our administration tries to be creative in opening more sections.  For example, Engineering and Academy of Health each had 4 sections this year, Biomedical Science now has 3 sections, and Auto Service, Cosmetology and Culinary Arts have 2 sections. 
  • As opening occur do to students withdrawing from a program, all student on file are reevaluated for acceptance.


7. What happens if a student is placed on hold because of grades or attendance?

  • Students who are below a 2.0 GPA in academic classes and/or the 94% are placed on hold.  While students are on hold we will continue to monitor their progress.