1. Weighted GPA:  Students earn weighted GPA in programs such as Academy of Health, Biomedical Science (PLTW), Computer Science (PLTW), Engineering (PLTW), and Homeland Security.

2. Earn College Credits: Most CCCTC programs allow students to earn  from 4 up to 18 COLLEGE credits through articulation agreements and transcripted COLLEGE credtis.

3. Explore a career or college major:  Students can explore a possible college major and/or career path BEFORE paying thousands of dollars in tuition and taking years of time to advance in a career.

4. College Level Textbooks Students use college level text to prepare for post-secondary education.

5. State and National Recognition  SkillsUSA Competions provide students with state and national recognition.

6. Lab, Clinical,  and Technology Skills are needed for most of todays college majors.  It is no longer enough to ONLY have academic knowledge. CCCTC students who graduated and go on to college report back to us ALL the time how thy stand out amongst their peers and professors because of the skills and technology have acquried at CCCTC. (see 'Skills You Will Learn' on each program Web Page)