At the end of each program students will be recognized at a Certificate Ceremony held at the CCCTC.  Students will be recognized for accomplishments such as certifications, scholarships, and college credits.  Recognition for a students grade, attendance and success in the program is also recognized through the Award of Excellance and the Certificate of Acheivement.

Criteria for earning CCCTC Certificate of Achievement (rev July 2016)

In addition to earning credits towards the high school diploma, students attending the Carroll County Career & Technology Center have the opportunity to earn a “Certificate of Achievement”. This certificate will be awarded at the annual Awards/Certificate Program, which is held at the end of the program or senior year (based on the program).

Each student to be awarded a Certificate of Achievement from the Carroll County Career & Technology Center must achieve the following conditions:

  • Earn a final grade of “C” or higher in each course completed at the Carroll County Career & Technology Center.
  • Meet the requirements for a Career & Technology “Completer Program” as stated in the Program of Studies approved by the Carroll County Board of Education.
  • Maintain 94% attendance* while attending the Career & Technology Center.*
  • Complete all components of the Professional Development Program including interview, portfolio, character education, etc.
  • Achieve satisfactory rating on at least 75% of the competencies as indicated on the Skill Competency Profile.

Award of Excellence

Students will be awarded the Award of Excellence along with the CCCTC Certificate of Achievement if they meet the following conditions:

  • Achieve a grade of “A” in each course completed at the Carroll County Career &Technology Center
  • Maintain 96% Attendance*
  • Achieve “3” or higher on at least 85% of the competencies


If there is an exceptional circumstance that should be considered when applying the award criteria, please notify the Principal of CCCTC in writing at least one week prior to the awardceremony.

*The attendance percentage for each semester will be determined according to the following formula: [90-{# of whole days absent + # of half days absent+ (# of days tardy/3)}]/90=Attendance Percentage   (Whether the absence is excused or unexcused is not a factor in the calculation of the percentage.)