1. Career Skills can be used by students their whole life.  (go to each program webpage to get a list OF CAREER skills students have the opportunity to learn )

2. Professionalism is emphasized in every program.  (See the professional traits we stress at CCCTC)

3. Career Experience is one of the most important things in todays job market.  Many of our professional partners (i.e... Maryland Board of Cosmetology, Maryland State Board of Nursing, Auto Service Excellence (ASE)) count the students time at our school as actual CAREER EXPERIENCE.

4. Certification in your career field says that you have a professional organization (not just CCCTC) that verifies you have the certain skills in your field.

5. Work with Industry Grade Technology Hollywood grade editing software; high-end, rapid prototype machines; Real, $80K CNC mills; professional, 6 ft banner makers; professional, AutoCAD drafting software; industry grade, DuPont paint booth; industrial grade kitchen; LED alignment system; sowing machines that are smarter (and more expensive) then a high end computer; and so much more.  Where else can you get hands on experience with INDUSTRY GRADE TECHNOLOGY?

6. Internship means real life experience.  Because our students have the skills and experience, businesses are willing to let them internship.  CCCTC has the reputation with many companies that if our instructors recommend a student, they are hired!

7. Experienced Instructors at our school average 20 years of experience, not as teachers, but as professionals in the areas they teach.  Who best to teach students career sklills than someone who has been successful, already, in that career field.

8. Certified Programs mean that state and national organizations are willing to say that CCCTC is teaching the most up to date material.  Recertification happens every two to three years and is an exhaustive process where our programs have to PROVE they have what it takes to be certified. 

9. Mock Job Interviews and Portfolios help students organize their accomplishments and learn how to market themselves in an interview whether it is for a career or college.  SOFT SKILLS are important too.