CCCTC Mock Job Interview

            CCCTC Mock Job Interviews for CCCTC Seniors will be held on Dec 5, 2018.  This experience helps students prepare for future interviews, and helps them to be more competitive when applying for jobs.  Interviewers from the local business community volunteer their time, support and expertise for our students because they truly enjoy working with them, and meeting students who are excited and passionate about their perspective careers. 

            Students are to bring their CCCTC portfolio which includes a completed job application, resume, and artifacts featuring students’ work/projects/accomplishments.  All students are to dress professionally for their interview. 

Guidelines for dress

Dress pants, collared shirt, tie, blouse, skirt, dress, dress shoes, dark socks, – no jeans, flip flops or work boots. The county-wide dress code policy will be enforced. 


*Interviews are held at the Carroll County Public Safety Training Center.