Scheduling and CCCTC Programs

1. GRADES and ATTENEDANCE:  Start early in ninth grade to work hard and get good grades and attendance.  Some of our programs are highly competitve because of the number of students that apply AND the limited number of seats.

2. RIGOR OF CLASS SCHEDULE:  Several of our programs are AP/Transcripted Level courses (Basic Level, Academic Level, Honor Level, and AP/Transcripted Level).  Students planning on applying to these programs are greatly encouraged to challenge themselves with honors level classes to prepare them for the rigor of these classes:

  • Academy of Health
  • Biomedical Science
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Homeland Security

3. Several of our programs requrie prerequisites.  Please see the program of studies or contact a School Counselor to make sure you are track to complete the prerequisites.

4. Check out "What it takes at CCCTC" to better understand how to prepare for a particular program.


Selecting a CCCTC Program

1. Occupational Outlook Handbook or ONET

2. Come to a CCCTC Open House which is held the third, Thursday every October.

3. Informal Interest Survey

Levels of classes as stated in the program of studies

The first two digits identify the subject area, the third and fourth digits identify the course, the fifth digit identifies the credit for the course, and the sixth digit specifies the level of instruction defined as follows:

  • 1 – Basic (Supports in terms of size of class and curriculum)
  • 6 – Academic  (High School level coursework)
  • 7 – Articulated (Agreements with certain colleges to earn college credit)
  • 8 – Honors  (Preparing students for AP/Transcipted level classes)
  • 9 – AP and Transcripted: (College level course work.)

Definitions of Articulated and Transcripted Credits

Articulated Credit Courses – Students may receive college credit for these courses as a part of a completer program. These credits, that do not transfer to other post and secondary institutions, are awarded under the terms of an agreement made with a specific postsecondary institution.

Transcripted Credit Courses – Students may earn college credits by taking these courses and successfully completing the corresponding competency tests. Credit is documented on an official transcript from the specific postsecondary institution that awarded the credit. These credits may transfer to other postsecondary institutions.