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Student can earn 16 college credits for Rochester Institute of Technology

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PLAN & APPLY: Create a pathway to a career in this field

10th graders must apply by Dec 1st for first round decisions!!

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James Matalavage (Email:   )

  • Began career in engineering industry in 1987
  • Started teaching in 1990
  • Graduate of University of Maryland, College Park

Scott Tobias (Email:   ) :  

  • PLTW Computer Integrated Manufacturing Master Teacher
  • Teachers since 1992
  • Graduate of Millersville University, BS in Industrial Arts/Technology Education

Jennifer Sanders (Email:    ) :  

  • Etch Engineer
  • Safety Systems Engineer
  • Program Manager

Cathy Frock (Email:    ) :  

  • 25 years combined experience in the Civil. Architectural, and Geotechnical Engineering Field
  • Undergrad and graduate studies in Education at McDaniel College.
  • Teaching since the Fall of 2007
  • Graduated from CCCTC Drafting
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Project Lead the Way created this pre-engineering program that gives students a glimpse into the world of engineering through computer-based and hands-on activities and projects.  Students look into areas of manufacturing, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, digital electronics (electrical engineering), and a full range of engineering technics and skills.  From three dimensional drawing and rapid prototyping to project planning and product development.  Students work as a team to develop solutions to engineering problems using sophisticated software such as Inventor and EdgeCam.

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Brief video of Program

Youtube Videos (caution: 3rd party website):

Videos about CCCTC and other programs      

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Get a jump start on college- Use college level texts to earn college credit while having the training, skills, and experience that most high school graduates do not get until they are well into their college major. 

Students in engineering can earn up to 16 college credits on a transcript at Rochester Institute of Technology.  (based on class and end of course grades) That means that colleges looking at our curriculum, equipment, instructors and facility deem our program as the equivalent of college courses.   

  • Four out of the five credits students take in this program are on the 5.0 GPA scale and the 5th class is an honors class.
  • Many of our graduates report back that the skills they learn in this program benefit them well into their junior year of college and get them noticed by their professors.
  • Parents and students contemplating this program often ask....what colleges do PLTW Engineering students attend after CCCTC?  Well here is the short list!
  • Parents and students who have gone through this program report back that the networking with other students, parents, teachers and engineers has given them an important community of support as students go off to college and even as they move on to a career.

To summarize, college level texts to earn college credit while having the training, skills, and experience that most high school graduates do not get until they are well into their college major.  This program puts you in touch with state of the art  technology so students can experience their chosen career field before they go to college.



Start your career NOW- Work with industry grade technology that our local business partners use every day.  This shows employers you are trained in a Project Lead the Way facility and have the skills industry is looking for in a Engeineering lab tech.  These skills allow the best students to come back as CCCTC interns or find an internship at a local businesses. (more)


Compete at the state and national level- our Engeineering Program has been highly successful in competitions sponsored by SkillsUSA. (more)

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MAJOR TOPICS & SKILLS Engineering Logo


Introduction to Engineering Design

  • Create solutions to design problems
  • Use software (Inventor) to develop 3-D models
  • Learn product design process using Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Principles of Engineering

  • Perspectives of engineering                                  
  • Design process
  • Engineering systems
  • Communication & documentation
  • Materials & materials testing
  • Thermodynamics
  • Engineering for Quality and reliability

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

  • Principles of prototyping, robotics, and automation
  • Construct  3 dimensional models  using computer controlled equipment
  • Computer Modeling
  • Computer Numeric Control (CNC)
  • Computer-aided manufacturing   robotics

Digital Electronics

  • Electronic design software used to build, analyze, and export to a printed circuit autorouting program that generates printed circuit boards.
  • Bread boards
  • Soldering
  • Circuit designing and building
  • Analog and digital & digital fundamentals
  • Number systems and binary addition
  • Logic gates and functions

Engineering Design and Development

Work as a team to design and construct a solution to an authentic engineering problem.


See the list of skills you will learn in this program- <Contact Instructor for skills you will learn> 


At CCCTC we know how important professionalism is to getting and keeping a job.  <We emphasize professionalism in each program> 

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OUR program is Project Lead the Way (PLTW©) certified-  Project Lead the Way provides curriculum and training that is developed nationally by high schools, colleges, and industry.  If you want to be set apart from other students in this field, Project Lead the Way will give you that edge.   (more)


Engeineering partners with these schools- Students can earn college credtis in this program through our agreements with these colleges:

  • Frederick Community College – 3 credits
  • Penn College of Technology – TBD
  • Rochester Institute of Technology – 16 credits*
  • The Community Colleges of Baltimore County – 3 credits
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County – 3 credits

*Transcripted Credits

Contact the college or trade school you plan to attend and find out if you can earn credits or advanced standing at their institution!

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ARE YOUR READY? Engineering Logo


  1. OUR PROGRAMS ARE RUN LIKE REAL BUSINESSES!!!  Do you have the work ethic, perseverance, professionalism, and problem solving skills needed to be successful in Engeineering? 
  2. Prerequisites:
  • College Prep Math and Science course each year of high school
  • Algebra II
  • 94% attendance and 2.0 GPA in academic level classes
  1. Qualities and characteristics you will need:
  • 5.0 GPA level classwork
  • Computer and technical skills
  • High interest in STEM 
  • Organizational skills to manage multiple projects
  • Mechanical Aptitude
  • Problem-solving skills to analyze situations or data and produce appropriate solutions
  • Self-motivation and academically ready for college level curriculum
  • Strong math and reading skills (college level)
  • Utilize Science to solve problems
  • Work through difficult problems
  • Work independently or as a group



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YOU HAVE TO APPLY!! Engineering Logo

 <THE APPLICATION PROCESS>-  SPACE IS LIMITED FOR SOME PROGRAMS.  Acceptance is based on Attendance, GPA, and grades/rigor in certain classes.  Also, tenth graders who apply by Dec 1st are part of the first round of decisions. See the <How to Apply webpage>


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PREREQUISITES- (Completed before you start the program)

  • College Prep Math and Science course each year of high school
  • Algebra II
  • 94% attendance and 2.0 GPA in academic level classes


JUNIOR YEAR (2 credits)


Mod 1: home H.S.

Mods 2-3 @ CCCTC         OR

Mod 4: home H.S.


Mod 1: home H.S.

Mods 2-3 @ CCCTC

Mod 4: home H.S.

SENIOR YEAR (3 credits)


1 Mod @ home H.S.

3 Mods @ CCCTC              OR


1 Mod @ home H.S.

3 Mods @ CCCTC           


FROM THE PROGRAM OF STUDIES-  Suggested Educational Career Plan and a description of the program found in the program of studies.  To see the most recent information go to the current Carroll County Program of Studies

ECP    See the Program of Studies for most up to date information.

Click to see a SAMPLE Educational Career Plan

ARRIVAL/DISMISSAL TIMES-  <Arrival/dismissal times and other dates>

CCCTC TRANSPORTATION- Transportation is provided to from your home high.  (there are some exceptions such as community based internship)  Also, students going to CCCTC will still have classes at their home high school and may continue to be involved in extracurricular activities. 

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EXPERIENCE YOUR CAREER IN HIGH SCHOOL-  Do you want to go to college, start a career OR pay for college with your new career?  Joining the CCCTC is a life changing experience  where you are immersed with others students who are interested in your field.  You learn in professionally reviewed programs from industry proven experts.  THIS IS REAL-LIFE!

ENTRY LEVEL- With CCCTC start a career right after high school

  • Small project manager
  • Lab assistant
  • Equipment Operator (Production using Robotics, Rapid Prototype, Milling (basic))

TECHNICAL LEVEL- CCCTC and a 2 year associates degree or trade school degree 

  • Engineering Technician
  • Avionics Technician
  • Electronics Technician

PROFESSIONAL LEVEL- CCCTC and a four year degree that you will be well prepared to complete

  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Communications Engineer
  • Computer Engineer
  • Construction Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Geothermal Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Marine Engineer/Architect
  • Materials Engineer
  • Metallurgist
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • System Engineer
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Engineering Manager

Check Out These Career Sites:

Check Out These Career Sites to find the many paths our student begin at CCCTC!

ONETThe O*NET program is the nation's primary source of occupational information.

OOH: Occupational Outlook Handbook: Extensive government database of over 20,000 Career.

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PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS  (Don't just take our word for it)

Project Lead the Way-  PLTW creates an engaging, hands-on classroom environment and empowers students to develop in-demand knowledge and skills they need to thrive. PLTW also provides teachers with the training, resources, and support they need to engage students in real-world learning. (We have been recognized as a model school by this organization (one of 16) which touts over 2000 high schools on their membership.)

Frederick Community College, Penn College of Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology, The Community Colleges of Baltimore County, and University of Maryland, Baltimore County- all have an agreement with CCCTC based on the college's requirements for curriculum, faculties, and instructor that is reviewed and renewed periodically to guarantee that students are getting the equivalent instruction at CCCTC that would be expected in class at that institution.  Credits are awarded based on that agreement.

PROFESSIONAL ADVISORY COUNSEL  By Federal and state regulations each program has a group of local business and educational institutions that periodically meets to discuss  the programs curriculum and resources to make sure current trends in technology and skills are being taught so that students are prepared for the ever changing career requirements for that industry.  (more)

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Program Accomplishments Engineering Logo

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Student Testimonials Engineering Logo

Subject: Howdy from Penn State

> Hey Mrs Sanders! It's Andrew. I just thought you and the other engineering teachers might be happy to know this first engineering class this semester is all stuff I've already covered with you guys and I feel very well prepared, especially with 3D modeling (we use solid works unfortunately). You can definitely tell the kids that have had prior experience apart from those that haven't and it's making this class much less stressful.


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