The College and Career Readiness and College Completion Act of 2013 (CCR-CCA) established a number of requirements designed to increase college and career readiness as well as degree completion in Maryland. With a rapidly changing economy and a focus on increasing the percent of young adults with postsecondary degrees, the intent of the Act is to reduce or eliminate the need for students to enroll in remedial courses in college. Students, who enter college prepared, typically benefit from improved persistence and are more likely to complete a degree.

The College and Career-Ready Standards help our students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed
to thrive in a competitive, 21st century economy.

Goals Related to the Standards:

  •  Prepare all students for college and today’s workforce.
  • Focus on 21st century skills--including critical thinking, clear writing, and problem-solving.
  • Create consistent learning goals across the state, regardless of where students live.


 Go to  Maryland College and Career-Ready Standards   for more information.