Century High School College Admissions Handbook

Using Naviance for College Applications

Building a List of Colleges I'm Applying To

How to Request a Transcript in Naviance

How to Request a Letter of Recommendation in Naviance

How to Match Your Common App Account with Naviance

Common App Resources



Counselor and Teacher Recommendation Request Procedures

  1. Request a letter of recommendation by asking your school counselor and/or teacher
  2. Log into your Naviance account
  3. Go to “My Planner”, then “Tasks” and then “Letter of Recommendation Packets”
  4. Complete the “Letter of Recommendation” packets
  5. Email packets to your school counselor and/or teacher
  6. Officially request your teacher(s) in Naviance (see video above on how to request LOR's in Naviance)


College Application Timeline and Checklist


College Search Engines
Students should use Naviance for the College Search process.  Click here to access Naviance


Counselor Presentations
College Admissions Fall Presentation 
NCAA Eligibility
Spring Post-Secondary Presentation for Juniors


Miscellaneous Resources
College Comparision Worksheet