Course Request Process and Timeline

  • Counselor Meetings with Individual Students (November thru January)
    • Education Career Plan (ECP) Updates and Initial Course Selection
    • Updated ECP's will be emailed home following the student/counselor conference
    • Course Requests can be viewed on Home Access after the counselor/student meeting


  • Course Request Review 
    • Parents and students will review course requests and will finalize selections by completing the "Course Request Approval Form"
    • When completing the "Course Request Approval Form", students will also select four alternates
    • Students and/or parents can email a school counselor if any changes are needed



Course Selection Sheets for the 2022-23 school year:


Class of 2026 Scheduling Information Cover Page

Class of 2026 Course Selection Sheet 


Class of 2025 Course Selection Sheet


Class of 2024 Course Selection Sheet


Class of 2023 Course Selection Sheet