Dec 03
Maryland State Department of Education School Report Card


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Our school recently received its School Report Card from the Maryland State Department of Education. The Report Card summarizes how our school performed on the Maryland accountability system.

The results reflect school performance in multiple areas, including academic achievement, academic progress (for elementary and middle schools), school quality and student success measures, as well as graduation rates and college and career readiness (for high schools). Additional data in this year’s School Report Card includes a School Quality and Student Success indicator, based on the results of a survey of students and educators taken last spring, as well as an indicator of whether a school has improved from the previous year. For elementary and middle schools, the Academic Progress indicator now includes student performance on state science tests.

These results are an important snapshot of how a school is performing. They show areas in which we are doing well, and illuminate those in which we need to improve. The information provided on the Maryland School Report Card is displayed in a way that makes it easy to understand each school’s performance.

You can find the School Report Card, and much more information, at the Maryland Report Card website:


While the final score on the Report Card does not tell the whole story, we hope the Maryland School Report Card will add to our discussion about how to constantly improve our school. The data on the Report Card is both informative and empowering, and will help our School Improvement Team to ask questions, find answers, make decisions, and act.

We hope you will view the Maryland School Report Card as a tool to become more involved in our school. Help us raise our schools’ scores by taking a community approach to the mission of educating children. Together we can strive for excellence in all areas of education.




Bryan K. Wetzel

Principal, Gateway/Crossroads


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