The Gateway School is an alternative educational setting designed to assist high school students to
have  successful
school experiences. Students who are enrolled at the Gateway School are eligible to earn credits
that apply toward promotion and graduation. Classrooms are staffed by certified teachers who
develop specific assignments, assistance, and requirements for the students. Instructional
assistants and other support staff are also on duty and may be assigned to assist students on
specific lessons or to help manage and improve behavior. While many subjects available at the home
high schools are taught at the Gateway School, some courses may not be offered due to the limited
facilities or specialization of the course. Gateway students follow the regular school  calendar.

During a required orientation/registration meeting, Gateway School students and their parents/legal
guardians will be expected to sign a contract ensuring their understanding and agreement of the
behavioral management system and other rules and regulations. Such expectations will provide the
base for a structured program and a wholesome learning environment.

Students may be admitted to the Gateway School/Crossroads Middle in many ways. They are as follows:

1.         Extended Suspension

When student’s exhibit continued disciplinary issues and are placed on Extended Suspension from
their home school, Gateway/Crossroads Middle may be offered as an educational option. The student
and family choosing this option would contact the School after the Extended Suspension conference
to set up an orientation/registration meeting.

2.         Voluntary Placements

Students failing to succeed in their regular school setting for a variety of reasons may be
considered for voluntary admission into the Gateway/Crossroads Middle Schools. Voluntary placements
are requested by the student, and the student’s parent(s)/legal guardian(s), after school-based
interventions have not been successful. When the request is appropriate, the Pupil Personnel Worker
will, facilitate this placement by talking with the student and parents/legal guardians, collecting
information, and make an  application to the alternative school. The alternative school will
accept/deny student requests based on a   variety of factors. If a student who receives special

education services is provisionally accepted into a CCPS alternative program, the student's home
school will hold an IEP team meeting, to include the parent(s),
the student (if appropriate), and representation from the proposed alternative program, to
if the student's current IEP can be implemented at the proposed alterntive program or if the
current IEP needs to be revised. This IEP meeting will be held Prior to the student's enrollment
into the proposed
alternative program.  The student's voluntary placement will not be considered a placement decision
of the IEP team. If the IEP team determines that the IEP cannot be implemented at the proposed
alternative program, the voluntary placement will not be approved. The IEP team should consider if
the student requires additional services and/or supports at the student's home school.

3.        Administrative Placements

Students returning to CCPS from hospitalizations, institutional placements, or incarceration may be
placed at the Gateway/Crossroads Middle Schools if there is a documented need for a small,
structured environment and these needs cannot be met at the student’s home school. Administrative

Placements are facilitated through either the Director of Student Services or the appropriate
school Director. The appropriateness of the placement is discussed with the Alternative School
Principal, the home school Pupil Personnel Worker, and the Director of Student Services.
4.       The Collaborative IEP Process

Students needing special education services beyond those available in their home school may be
placed at the Gateway/Crossroads Middle School. This is always the determination of the
Collaborative IEP team, which includes a representative of the alternative school. This placement
attempts to provide suitable services in the least restrictive environment consistent with special
education practices, policies, and laws.

5.        Students returning from withdrawn status

A student who wishes to return to CCPS after having withdrawn from school shall be referred to the
Pupil Personnel Worker. Generally, students returning to CCPS enter one of the Flexible Student
Support programs for a probationary period. If these programs are deemed inappropriate, a student
may re-enter and conduct their probationary period at the Gateway School. This process is
facilitated by the student’s home school Pupil Personnel Worker.
6.        Transfer

Students enrolled and attending alternative programs out of the county and moving into Carroll
County may transfer into the Gateway School/Crossroads Middle School. As students attempt to enroll
at their home school, they will be directed to contact their Pupil Personnel Worker.

The “Alternative Program Referral” form and supporting documentation will be used for students to
be referred for Voluntary Placements, Extended Suspension Placements, and Administrative
INDIVIDUALIZED  INSTRUCTION  PROGRAM  –  In  certain,  limited  situations,  a  student  may  need 
an individualized instruction program at home or in the community.  In such cases the following
guidelines will be followed:
•    the student must have an opportunity to participate in the general curriculum.
•    the program shall be short term.

•    if  anything longer  than a short  term program is  needed,  an  alternative  educational 
placement  will  be considered.
•    the parent/legal guardian must consent to the program.


• if the parent/legal guardian does not consent to the program and the student poses a threat to
himself or others, a change in educational placement shall be considered.  In some cases the school
system may request a due process shearing or injunctive relief.
• if the student received special education/504 services the student will receive those services
and modifications as described in the IEP/504 plan. An IEP team meeting must be held prior to
implementing the program as well as upon the student’s return to school.