Programs are designed to serve both in-school youth who have not been successful in the

regular high school program and out-of-school youth who desire to return to CCPS and complete the requirements for

their high school diploma. Students and parents/legal guardians are required to sign a contract which outlines attendance,

academic and behavioral expectations for the program.

The program targets primarily the following populations:

• Students at risk of dropping out of school

• Students placed on extended suspension or removed from a comprehensive school due to

reportable offense changes.

• Students who have fallen behind in credits and are in danger of not graduating.

• Students with medical or emotional issues that prevent consistent attendance at a comprehensive

high school.

• Students who desire to return to CCPS to complete the requirements for their high school diploma

and need to meet the probationary requirement prior to re-admittance to a comprehensive high


FLEXIBLE STUDENT SUPPORT is comprised of three major components: the Student Support Center (SSC),

the Distance Learning Lab (DLL), and Career Research & Development.

The Student Support Center serves students who need a small structured setting with direct instruction in

order to complete their course work. Classes run on the traditional semester schedule.

Distance Learning Lab serves students who can work independently through an online educational

program. Students may be admitted, as space is available, throughout the year and progress at their own

pace. Students must complete the entire course. No transfer grade is accepted for partial credit.

Career Research and Development serves students who need to meet the program “completer”

graduation requirement. This program allows students to earn 2.0 credits for classroom instruction and 2.0

credits for supervised work experience. Work/internship hours are accrued for each student as their

employer schedules them and as approved by Carroll County Public School staff.

Students interested in applying to one of the programs should contact the Pupil Personnel Worker for the

school to which the student is assigned.