Crossroads Middle is an alternative educational setting designed to assist middle school students to have successful

school experiences. Students receive academic instruction and counseling services to improve school achievement.

Classrooms are staffed by certified teachers and instructional assistants, who deliver CCPS curriculum and provide

academic assistance to the students. School counselors, a school psychologist, a school social worker, and other

support staff are available and may be assigned to assist students on specific lessons or to help manage and improve

behavior. A daily behavior management system and school counseling are required. While many subjects

available at the home middle school are taught at Crossroads Middle, some courses may not be offered due to the

limited facilities or specialization of the course. Crossroads students follow the regular school calendar.

During a required orientation/registration meeting, Crossroads students and their parents/legal guardians will be

expected to sign a contract ensuring their understanding and agreement of the behavioral management system and

other rules and regulations. Such expectations will provide the base for a structured program and a wholesome

learning environment.

When a student demonstrates consistent appropriate behavior, the staff will contact the parent/legal guardian and

home school staff to develop a transition plan for the student to return to his home school. Some students will

enter Crossroad Middle via the collaborative IEP process. In such cases the following procedures will be


A collaborative IEP meeting is required for a student to be considered for Crossroads Middle School. The

Crossroads Middle Principal or Designee will attend all collaborative/IEP meetings where Crossroads is a

consideration. Students transitioning out of Crossroads prior to entering the ninth grade are required to have a

transition meeting. The purpose of the meeting will be to determine IEP services/accommodations and identify

the student’s LRE (i.e. school placement) for the ninth grade. Representatives from Crossroads Middle, the

students’ home high school and the Gateway School shall be included in the IEP meeting.