Student Driving/Parking Privilege
The following are the procedures for a student who wishes to drive to school during the school year.
Student/Parent/Guardian may obtain an application for their student to Drive and Park on the Gateway School Campus either by picking an application up in the Gateway School main office or by downloading and printing a copy of this form below.
Once this form is filled out and signed by both student and parent/guardian please return this form along with the items required. 
$20.00 cash or check (made out to Gateway School) for Semester 1 and Semester 2 / $10.00 for Semester 2 only to Ms Gilbert in the main office at Gateway School.
This application will be reviewed by an Administrator. Once approved the student will receive his or her parking permit which must be displayed on the front windshield of the car they will be driving to school.
This parking permit will be valid for the current school year only and may be revoked if the student fails to comply with the rules stated in this application.