Carroll County Public Library Summer Reading Program

Earn points! Win prizes!

Please click on the Beanstack Reading Program link and sign up for the Carroll County Public Library reading program! You can keep track of how many minutes/hours you are reading per day. Remember, reading makes you smarter and can take you to new places!

This is set up the same as our summer reading program from last year (and the spring reading program that ocurred during online learning). If you don’t know/remember your reading account from information (if you signed up for one) you can choose "forgot password" and have it emailed to you. You can also set up a new account. 
Need help? Have questions: Please click here!

Here is the Game board, if you'd like to print a copy.

Summer Reading Commercial


Guidelines for Summer Reading to earn points:

5 minutes of reading or one book title = 10 points

A written or picture review = 10 points

Explore, Create, or Library activities = 10 points

300 points completes the program - readers win a book donated by Random House AND an entry into an Amazon gift card after July 15th.  

Readers can continue to log and will receive another book at 1000 points and an online entry into a $100 Amazon gift card.  There will be biweekly gift card raffles.

Additional information for how to register for the Summer Reading Program-



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