Autism Program
Tina Baker
Kristyn McComas
Katelyn Lesniak
Sydnie Abrecht
Ashley Williams
Dottie Braverman (Instructional Assistant)
Mary Cole (Instructional Assistant)
Canessa Rosas (Instructional Assistant)
Christine Cooke (Instructional Assistant)
Kasey Beares (Instructional Assistant)

Learning for Independence
Katie Foster
Tracey Brosenne (Instructional Assistant)

Early Childhood Special Needs
Abby Dayton
Sharon Shaut (Instructional Assistant)

Special Education Resource
Kimberly Young
Christine Amundson
Tracey Bridge
Desiree Serio
Darcy Blackwood (Instructional Assistant)
Liz Brock  (Instructional Assistant)
Kim Oehlke (Instructional Assistant)
Christine Prince (Instructional Assistant)

Special Education Clerk
Megan Bassett

Specialists and Related Services
Ceara Davis (Speech and Language Pathologist)
Amy Palazzo (Speech and Language Pathologist)
Melinda Sears (Speech and Language Pathologist)
Kirstie Connor (Occupational Therapist)
Janet Street (Physical Therapist)
Deb Dwyer Berk (School Psychologist)
Courtney Tompakov (Autism Program Behavior Support Specialist)
David Green (Teacher of Visually Impaired)
Beth Monn (Teacher of Hearing Impaired)