Dec 01
Technical Support Update

Effective November 30th, CCPS families will no longer be able to use to report technical issues related to virtual learning.  

CCPS families that need support should now complete the CCPS Family Support Web Form.  This form can be reached by clicking here, or going to the CCPS website and clicking on "Student and Parent Resources" in the lower left area of the page.  

Oct 02
Information About Hybrid Instruction

See the attached documents and links for details about the transition to Hybrid instruction, which is scheduled for October 19, 2020.  

CCPS Hybrid Model Q & A 

Winfield Hybrid Model Information

Winfield Hybrid Schedules

Video Tour

Aug 17
Important Beginning of School Year Information

CCPS will be beginning the 2020-2021 school year in an Enhanced Virtual Learning format.  Plans are quickly coming together for the start of this unique school year.  

Please refer to the following attachments for more information.  Winfield Elementary and CCPS will continue to share new information by email as it becomes available.  

Parent Newsletter

Beginning of Year Event Schedule

Enhanced Virtual Learning Information

Google Guide for Parents

Winfield Virtual Instruction Schedules

Parents can find their child's homeroom teacher and schedule by going to Home Access Center (HAC).  For more information about HAC, go to and scroll to the Students and Parents section in the lower left corner of the page.  

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